Printed Vinyl Chair Backs

Printed Vinyl Chair Backs are great for getting your name in front of your fans. We did this project recently and the client really loved how it turned out. We used navy blue vinyl and matched the PMS gray color for the logo. We printed both sides so fans could see the name more readily, […]

Fabric Bar Stool Covers for Events

Our friends at Sea Gulls’ Nest Weddings, buy our bistro chair covers, to cover their outdoor black plastic chairs. This gives their outdoor weddings a more beautiful look, because the chair slipcovers match their linens.  However, although the chairs and tables are covered, they still had black padded bar stools that were in desperate need of beautifying. […]

We Are An OEM Dust Cover Mfr for Medical & Technology Equipment

We are a dust cover manufacturer for medical and technology equipment companies.  We have been producing OEM dust covers for over 50 years for some of the best firms in the US. OEM dust cover development is very simple. Step 1: Tell us the features required, the purpose of the cover, the quantities you require, and the […]

Chair Back Covers for Stadium Seating – A Branding Story

We manufactured these great looking chair back covers to fit stadium seats at the Toyota Center for American Family Insurance. American Family is an insurance firm with offices throughout the U.S., selling life, health, auto, home, boat, and business insurance. They are new to Washington State, however, so are working on building their brand identity in […]

Rack Curtains for US Navy & Coast Guard Customers

We were recently looking over our list of customers who have purchased our rack curtains for Navy and Coast Guard ships, and we realized it’s a really long list! USS Annapolis USS Antietam USS Anzio USS Ashland USS Batann USS Benfold USS Bonhomme Richard USS Boxer USS Champion USS Chung-Hoon USS Comstock USS Devastator USS […]

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Chair Back Covers That Say, CHAIR RESERVED or Anything Else for That Matter!

Another great Chair Back Covers Project! Shadow Hills Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV needed some “Chair Reserved” chair back covers for their chairs in their church. They have a special section they need to set aside for special guests sometimes, so having a designated seating area using chair back covers is a good idea. […]

Antimicrobial Shower Curtains for Gyms, Hotels & Hospitals

All of our commercial shower curtains contain antimicrobial properties to keep mildew at bay. We have long produced antimicrobial shower curtains. They are used in many commercial settings like gyms, hospitals, hotels, prisons, schools, and more. The antimicrobial properties work to keep things like mold, mildew, fungus, and other bacteria at bay. These shower curtains […]

Clear Plastic Tablecloths for Restaurants

Our clear plastic film is an evergreen seller for us. It’s used for a variety of applications like bags, pouches or shower curtains, but a lot of customers purchase it to cover linen tablecloths because it is great protection against spills and drips on to the tablecloths below. It’s a great option for restaurants that […]

Custom Carrying Case for 6′ Table with Pockets for Marketing Materials

About a year ago, we got a call from a firm that does marketing demos inside grocery stores. They needed a custom carrying case for their 6′ table and all the accompanying marketing materials. Working together, we designed a case to fit their needs. Specifically, they needed: The ability to carry a big table easily. […]

Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs

Occasionally Cruise ships call us because they have odd-shaped or over-sized chairs on their decks and they need custom chair covers for them. To get the perfect fit, we ask them to ship us a chair. The pictures above show how the chair arrives. (We’ve even had them arrive with no wrapping.) After we take […]