Navy Rack curtains
At Gary Manufacturing, we create custom rack curtains for the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines. Approved for shipboard use, our rack curtains meet the requirements outlined by ASTM 1506, OSHA Reg 29 CFR 1910-269, and NFPA 2112 and 70E Category 2 compliance. They also pass Electric Arc Category 2 and are flame resistant. They block 95% of light and can be customized with track attachments, color preferences, tie backs, closures, and light blocking lining.

In addition to durable Navy rack curtains, we also provide berth curtains and porthole covers. All of our products are proudly manufactured in San Diego.

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Features of Gary Manufacturing Navy Rack Curtains

We offer a range of options for rack curtains to ensure you get the features you need. These include:

  • Colors and Materials. Gary Manufacturing offers Navy rack curtains in Banox material, a flame retardant fabric with similar wear life to natural cotton. It is approved for shipboard use, and meets Mil-Spec requirements. We manufacture Navy rack curtains in blue, red, green, and navy.
  • Closures and Tie Backs: Customize your closures and tie backs with velcro, snaps, L-shaped cutouts, fan cutouts, and fan covers.
  • Sizes. Standard size is 45″ W x 22″ H per piece, and each bunk will require a pair of curtains that meets in the middle with velcro. We create custom sizes to fit the correct bunk size and properly block out exterior light.

Our rack curtains also offer slider tab compatibility and optional pockets for storage.

What Are Navy Rack Curtains?

Navy rack curtains surround each bunk on Navy and Coast Guard ships. Typically hung in pairs for easy opening and closing, rack curtains block the light and offer privacy for the sailors when they go to bed or need some time by themselves to recharge. Sizing is adjustable to accommodate bunks of all sizes and configurations, with customizable features to ensure sailors have the closures, colors, and materials that meet their needs.

What Are Berth Curtains?

While rack curtains cover individual bunks, berth curtains are for the entire sleeping area. They can be used to darken a room, cover portholes, and divide the room. Because sailors typically have different jobs that put them on different sleeping schedules, the ability to darken a space at any time of day and divide a room according to schedule can reduce distractions for the sailors who are trying to rest. Adequate sleep is essential for optimal health and work performance, and rack and berth curtains are a simple way to ensure sailors get the sleep they need.

Benefits of Rack Curtains

The primary benefit of a rack curtain is privacy. Working in close quarters with many other people can make it hard for a sailor to find time alone to rest and recharge. These curtains allow you to divide the space and offer privacy, even in close proximity to fellow crewmates. Other advantages of rack curtains include:

  • Rack curtains are made of thick material, which creates a darker room to promote sleeping. They can also be customized with light blocking lining.
  • By adding pockets to your rack curtains, sailors have a place to store personal or work-related items.
  • Additional customization, with cut-outs, tie backs, and more, makes it simple to create an ideal rack curtain solution for your needs.

Features of Gary Manufacturing Navy Rack Curtains

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Navy Rack Curtains from Gary Manufacturing

At Gary Manufacturing, we make it easy to order the rack and berth curtains you need. If a standard solution doesn’t work for you, simply include your dimensions and a sketch of the curtain shape, including a note about the type of attachment required.

We have the capabilities for production runs of all sizes, ranging from a dozen curtains to enough for an entire ship. With years of experience working with the Navy and Coast Guard, we can accept purchase orders from government agencies without required terms.

Our full line includes a range of curtain products that serve a variety of industries, from correctional facilities and hospitals to schools, gyms, and recreational vehicles. Choose from extra long and extra wide curtains that offer antibacterial, antimicrobial, and fire retardant properties, and customize them to suit your unique environment.

With six decades of manufacturing experience, Gary Manufacturing has the custom curtain solutions you’re looking for, all proudly made in the USA. Contact us to learn more or request a quote for your curtains.

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