clear plastic safety curtains

At Gary Manufacturing, we specialize in creating high-quality vinyl curtains for customers ranging from small businesses to large corporations, municipal entities, and industrial facilities.

We can produce a variety of clear vinyl industrial curtains, including curtain walls, dividers, clean room curtains, clear Covid-19 safety curtains, and more.

Our processes are designed to fulfill orders with quick turnarounds, and all of our products are manufactured within strict tolerances to provide consistent service, lifespan, and use. We can create a custom curtain for any space to ensure a proper fit.


We offer clear vinyl industrial curtains in multiple types of vinyl, ensuring that we can find the most appropriate material solution for nearly any application. Our five most popular choices for clear vinyl include:

  • 6g or 10g Crystal Clear PVC Film – A clear film that allows for visibility and light penetration.
  • Frosty Clear PVC Film – A partially opaque film that allows for light penetration and some visibility.
  • 6g Clear Parquet – A clear film that allows for visibility and light penetration with a checkerboard embossing.
  • 12oz Clear Banna – A heavy duty supported clear film with scrim that allows partial light penetration and visibility.
  • Sure-Chek – A hospital ready clear film with interior scrim that includes antimicrobial, anti-static, and flame-resistant properties.

Our clear plastic curtains may include water-repellent, fire retardant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. They are easy to maintain and come in different thickness options. Customers can also choose between REACH-compliant or Prop 65-compliant vinyl varieties.

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Custom Features

Infographic describing Custom Features for Clear Vinyl Industrial Curtains

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All of our vinyl curtains can be customized for the specific dimensions, materials, and hardware compatibility features of their intended application environment to ensure maximum functionality. Some of the custom features we offer include:

  • Curtain headers of multiple types to accommodate varied hardware and application environments.
  • Private labeling to facilitate trackable storage and easy product identification.
  • Specialty packaging for businesses that resell curtains to their own customers.
  • Snaps and grommets for a strong, long-term hold and easy positioning.
  • Logo printing to customize the appearance of your curtains.

Benefits of Industrial Clear Plastic Curtains

Clear vinyl curtains benefit from the innate material strength of solid and opaque vinyl. In addition, clear vinyl industrial curtains offer these advantages:

  • Noise reduction. Vinyl barriers can reduce noise pollution in an open work facility or manufacturing area by partially containing excess noise generated by equipment.
  • Modifiable separation. Vinyl curtains can easily be removed, rearranged, and temporarily set aside. This gives facility managers more control over open work floors so they can rearrange equipment and processes to increase efficiency. Vinyl curtains are much easier to move and adjust than temporary walls or stand-alone panels.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Vinyl curtains are significantly more cost-effective than walls or panels. Since they’re clear, they also help facilities save on purchasing and installing multiple separate light sources.
  • Easy to clean. Vinyl curtains are easy to clean and sterilize, so they can be used over and over again in sensitive industrial environments. Vinyl curtains may also be treated with antimicrobial coatings.
  • Safety. Busy workplaces need clear lines of sight so workers can move around safely and floor managers can easily monitor employee safety. Clear curtains create barriers without increasing the risk of a workplace accident.
  • Climate control. Vinyl curtains help to contain temperature-controlled environments, minimizing energy loss caused by escaping cold or heat. Custom curtain walls may be insulated for additional climate control capabilities.
  • Contamination prevention. Vinyl curtain walls are essential in facilities that need to prevent cross-contamination between different production areas.

Some of the most popular applications for our clear vinyl curtains include:

  • Industrial shower curtains
  • Clean room curtains
  • Curtain walls
  • Outdoor curtains
  • Freestanding dividers
  • Warehouse curtains

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Clear vinyl curtains are useful in a wide variety of industrial applications. At Gary Manufacturing, we create sturdy, high-quality industrial curtains customized to the needs of your facility. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or request a quote to get started.