All of our commercial shower curtains contain antimicrobial properties to keep mildew at bay.Antimicrobial Shower Curtains for Gyms, Hotels & Hospitals

We have long produced antimicrobial shower curtains. They are used in many commercial settings like gyms, hospitals, hotels, prisons, schools, and more. The antimicrobial properties work to keep things like mold, mildew, fungus, and other bacteria at bay. These shower curtains are sometimes referred to as anti-bacterial also.

Both our 10 gauge vinyl (extremely thick) and our 6 gauge vinyl (medium thickness, but still twice as durable as a typical consumer shower curtain,) contain anti-microbial properties and FR. Both are available in white and beige, the best-selling colors for our commercial customers.

The antimicrobial agent is added during the vinyl or plastic production process. The plastic film often receives a treatment of fire retardant or FR too. Plastic ( or PVC) is naturally fire-resistant, however – essentially once the source of the flame is removed, the plastic no longer burns. The antimicrobial properties remain there for the life of the curtain, as long as the shower curtain is in a cool, ventilated environment.

Our shower curtains are hemmed all around, with reinforced brass nickel-plated grommets at the top for no rust. We can produce whatever size you need. For best results, and the least amount of bacterial build-up, we recommend you order our vinyl curtains with no hems. This means less place for bacteria to hide in tiny crevices. Please call us for pricing and more information on our antimicrobial shower curtains.

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