Our clear plastic film is an evergreen seller for us. It’s used for a variety of applications like bags, pouches or shower curtains, but a lot of customers purchase it to cover linen tablecloths because it is great protection against spills and drips on to the tablecloths below.

Clear Plastic Tablecloths for Restaurants

It’s a great option for restaurants that want to provide a linen look, but don’t necessarily have the time to wash their linens. It’s also helpful for clients who need to keep their water bills low because it means less washing. Of course, our customers could also just purchase our vinyl plastic table covers, but for some, that is not the look they’re going for.

Our customers buy it on the roll, and then cut it to the size they require. It is 6 gauge (.006), meaning it is quite thick and durable but still soft and pliable. Most of the other clear plastic on the market is (.004 or worse, .002 gauge) which means it is much thinner and less long-wearing.

They buy it on the roll in lengths of 25 yards, 50 yards or 100 It’s called Double Polished Crystal Clear Vinyl.

To clean it, simply wipe it with a sponge. We recommend a mild grease cutter like Formula 409 or Dr. Bronners castile soaps.

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