How shower curtains offer safety and space-saving privacy solutions for gyms, hotels, and hospitals.

A shower curtain is a functional and stylish element of any washroom. Its standard size is usually 72 x 72 in., but it should generally extend to the floor and cover the tub. If needed, the size of a shower curtain can also be customized to suit different measurements.

Gary Manufacturing recognizes how essential a shower curtain is for places like gyms, hotels, and nursing homes. While shower curtains may be overlooked as trivial, everyday items, it offers benefits that we don’t immediately realize.

Advantages Of Having Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are beneficial for reasons beyond adding design and privacy to a bathroom. Businesses like gyms, hotels, and nursing homes should add shower curtains to their equipment checklist, and here’s why.

Prevents Water Splashes

While shower curtains are generally regarded as additions that protect one’s privacy in bathrooms, they also serve the dual purpose of preventing water from spraying around the area. They keep shower rooms clean and ensure that floors and walls stay dry. A wet bathroom floor can easily cause people to slip, which is common in gym locker areas, hotel rooms, and even more so in nursing homes.

Easy-To-Clean And Maintain

Shower curtains aren’t only helpful for people who use bathrooms; they are also convenient for the staff who work on maintaining the shower rooms of gyms, hotels, and nursing homes.

Shower curtains are easy to install and clean. They have a simple structure composed of hooks, a rod, and a curtain that can easily be dismantled when needed. Those made from plastic can be easily cleaned through light scrubbing, while fabric shower curtains can be tossed in a washing machine.

Cost-Effective And Space-Saving

Compared to shower doors, curtains are significantly cheaper. Shower doors can range from 500-1000 USD. By comparison, a shower curtain’s initial cost is 50 USD or less.

Shower curtains also consume less space since they don’t need to be swung open or close; they’re simply drawn to one side. Moreover, a swinging door could cause accidents in places with potentially high foot traffic, such as gym shower rooms, and areas that require extra safety features, such as nursing homes.

High-performance materials for any application.

At Gary Manufacturing, we work with various materials for custom and commercial sewing for different applications. For shower curtains, these are the materials we recommend.


Nylon is a tough and water-resistant fabric. Its outstanding durability and proven performance make it excellent for crafting industrial bags and shower curtains. This material is also lightweight and flexible.


Vinyl shower curtains are more straightforward to maintain than cotton or fabric ones. This shower curtain is easy to clean and naturally repels moisture, so it does not need a liner.


Count on Gary Manufacturing for quality curtain options in standard and custom sizes.

Here at Gary Manufacturing, we supply various shower curtains for industries like corporate facilities, gyms, prisons, hospitals, colleges, cruise ships, and more! Our curtains are made to meet high industry standards using a wide selection of material types, sizes, colors, and custom features. In addition, we also run a full line of ADA-compliant shower curtains.

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