Nylon vs. Vinyl

Click to Expand When selecting materials for various applications, nylon and vinyl are often compared due to their unique properties and characteristics. Both are widely used in different industries but have differences that make them suitable for specific purposes. Here’s a comprehensive comparison of nylon and vinyl in terms of their properties and applications: Feature […]

Specialty Materials from Gary Manufacturing help you stay ahead of fire and health compliances.

Currently, the U.S. doesn’t have nationwide compliance codes in place governing the requirements for curtains and draperies in existing facilities. However, fabric for shower and privacy curtains in newly erected buildings like hotels and healthcare facilities must adhere to certain fire and antimicrobial standards. Read on to learn more about fire retardant, static-reducing, and antimicrobial […]

Barrier Curtains: Our New Normal

As COVID-19 shut down many businesses across the globe, all sectors were forced to adapt and develop systems to safely open when they were able. One modification that has allowed businesses to safely serve their customers is using vinyl curtains, often clear, to serve as a physical barrier.  As a leader in USAmade curtain manufacturing, […]

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PREA: Shower Curtains for Compliance and Prevention

[Trigger Warning: Mention of Rape] Gary Manufacturing is always looking for ways to innovate products of all types across many industries. For many years we have produced shower curtains for the Department of Corrections that gives institutions another tool to protect those in their care from a deeply troubling yet commonly occurring issue. The Prison […]

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Custom Nylon Bags; Made in America

Gary Manufacturing produces custom sales rep and promotional bags for corporations, professionals, and individuals alike.  We produce high-quality nylon bags using advanced technology and equipment.  With low minimum order quantities and quick turn-around times, we will exceed your expectations with durable, fully customizable bags that fit your needs! Located in Southern California, we proudly offer […]

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Frequently Asked Questions – Custom Covers and Bags

Gary Manufacturing supplies a variety of custom bags and covers. Customers range in size from small businesses and startups to large hospitality, medical, and commercial corporations. Our custom covers and bags are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Gary Manufacturing is known for our consistent quality, fast-turnaround, and excellent customer service.   Q: What are […]

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Shower Curtains that Perform for Behavioral Health Facilities

Gary Manufacturing understands that the needs for suitable shower curtains in behavioral health centers are varied. Privacy, safety, and durability are among the top needs noted for this specialty setting. Gary Manufacturing offers many different options to meet these needs. A combination of our Sure-Chek Linen vinyl, breathable mesh, and breakaway options fulfill many of […]

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Frequently Asked Questions – Shower Curtains

Gary Manufacturing supplies a variety of vinyl and fabric shower curtains. Industries we supply are; gyms, prisons, corporate facilities, hospitals, colleges, and cruise ships. Our curtains are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Gary Manufacturing is known for our consistent quality, fast-turnaround, and excellent customer service.   Q: Do you have a standard size? A: […]

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GaryWear; Distributor Highlight

During the last 60 years, Gary Manufacturing has built relationships with distributors across the United States, as well as internationally. All of our distributors offer a variety of quality, reusable products to meet your incontinence needs. With distributors in 10 different states as well as England, Germany, and Australia we are confident you can find […]

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