We are a dust cover manufacturer for medical and technology equipment companies. 

We have been producing OEM dust covers for over 50 years for some of the best firms in the US. OEM dust cover development is very simple.

Step 1: Tell us the features required, the purpose of the cover, the quantities you require, and the general size.

Some purposes of a dust cover could be:OEM dust cover mfr for medical & technology

  • Dust
  • Branding
  • Shipping protection
  • Aftermarket add-on
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-static

Together with your marketing team, decide on the branding: logo color, size, placement, silkscreen imprint or embroidery.  Send us the artwork in an EPS file, outlined.

Step 2: This one’s up to us. We’ll recommend a material, send you a quote, the cost to sample the dust cover, and the cost for a production run.

Step 3: place your order for an OEM dust cover sample.  Send us a shell of your equipment to be covered.  It can be an old model, or one that no longer works.  We need it to create the pattern, and to get a solid fit.  If your equipment is a rectangle or square, then you can skip this step, and just wait for your sample cover!

Samples do not include artwork. Only production runs get artwork.  However, you may request the “first off” from production, and we can pull the first completed cover from the production line and send it out right away.

For more information on this and all the products we produce, contact us today: 1 800 775 0804 or request a quote.