Currently, the U.S. doesn’t have nationwide compliance codes in place governing the requirements for curtains and draperies in existing facilities. However, fabric for shower and privacy curtains in newly erected buildings like hotels and healthcare facilities must adhere to certain fire and antimicrobial standards. Read on to learn more about fire retardant, static-reducing, and antimicrobial shower curtains that enhance safety in your facility.

Fire Retardant & Antimicrobial Curtains for Hotels, Hospitals, & Mental Institutions

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Applications for privacy and shower curtains in healthcare settings and hotels tend to be more demanding than residential ones, requiring rugged fabric for optimal durability, sanitation, and fire and static resistance. Beyond looking nice in a room, these curtains should not interfere with patient treatment and should promote a safe and sterile environment for workers, patients, and guests.

Gary Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in fire-resistant and antimicrobial hospital curtains, hotel curtains, and other industrial curtains made of Sure-Chek, an NFPA 701-compliant material that is vinyl-certified as flame retardant. Sure-Chek also meets REACH, Prop 65, RoHS, non-P, and other related standards. Our company is the only West Coast manufacturer to create products such as shower curtains and rack or cart covers with this material.

As an alternative to vinyl Sure-Chek, Gary Manufacturing also offers Shower Shield, a fabric ideal for cruise ships, hotels, and more. It’s a fully washable polyester material with an antimicrobial finish and flame-retardant certification.

Benefits of Sure-Chek Shower & Cubicle Curtains

Sure-Chek shower and cubicle curtains check all the boxes for safety, sanitation, and convenience. These curtains are:

  • Durable. Sure-Chek fire retardant shower curtains and cubicle curtains can withstand excessive use and washing for a long-lasting, wear- and tear-resistant drapery solution.
  • Flame resistant. As an NFPA 701-complaint material, Sure-Chek is resistant to combustion, and once the fire source is eliminated, it will self-extinguish.
  • Antimicrobial. The advanced controlled release system in Sure-Chek fabrics sends antimicrobial agents to its surface to support a sterile environment.
  • Odor resistant. Sure-Chek is specially treated to resist odor-causing bacteria.
  • Stain resistant. Curtains in hotels and hospitals must be clean—and they must look clean for the peace of mind of guests and patients. Sure-Chek resists stains as most grease, oils, and other contaminants will come off by applying soap and water.
  • Antistatic. “Anstat,” an antistatic property within the formulation of the Sure-Chek fabric, prevents electrostatic build-up that could disrupt sensitive medical equipment.
  • Economical. As Sure-Chek curtains are long-lasting and require minimal care, using them will reduce your curtain replacement costs and save on labor costs associated with washing, disinfecting, and repairing or replacing your curtains.
  • Decorative. Sure-Chek curtains are available in 72″ and several color options with a linen finish for a contemporary look, including white, clear, dune, seafoam, seagrass, pewter, and black.

Fire Retardant Shower Curtains & More From Gary Manufacturing

Since 1958, Gary Manufacturing has been proudly producing high-quality curtains and custom covers in the United States for diverse customers, including healthcare and medical clients like Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, the Chamberlin Group, Anatomage, Roche, Columbia Medical, Cook Medical, and Harvard Medical. We are committed to providing socially responsible products and utilizing advanced technologies to expand our global production capabilities.
Our team understands the stringent requirements in medical and hospitality settings, and we’re proud to create effective solutions that meet those standards. As a part of the plastics and textiles industry, we offer a variety of material options for your convenience, including nylon, vinyl, polyester and polyester blends, and numerous specialty fabrics. Contact us to learn more about the capabilities of Sure-Chek and Shower Shield fabrics, or request a quote to begin your curtain project today.