Custom Nylon Dust Covers for Equipment, Fixtures & Other Devices

Black and Decker needed a custom dust cover for one of their internal departments. The item to be covered was a sample cutter table in their design workroom. Their workroom has a lot of dust, and they wanted to protect the equipment. The table is 10 ft long, 8 ft wide and 3 ft high. […]

Mesh Top Shower Curtains for Commercial Use

We manufacture mesh top shower curtains for commercial use. The mesh sewn at the top facilitates light and air to pass through the mesh opening.  Some customers order the shower curtain with mesh, AND a clear plastic window, as shown in the photo. The mesh at the top of the curtain is 100% nylon and […]

Printed Chair Covers for Promotional Events and Marketing Use

Promotional printed chair back covers in quality fabric or vinyl/plastic are great to get your message out! These little covers fit over the top of your chair back like a little cap or jacket. We manufacture printed chair covers for promotional use.  Select from stock items, or order a custom shape and size.  Our printed […]


Commercial Break Away Shower Curtains for Institutions

We manufacture a variety of breakaway shower curtains used in prisons, mental health facilities, and hospitals. Our breakaway curtains can be ordered in any dimensions you require, but most institutions require stall size curtains, 42” wide. Our breakaway curtains can be manufactured in vinyl, or if suffocation is a concern, we can manufacture them with a mesh […]

We Manufacture Berthing Bunk Curtains

Berthing bunk curtains for ships come in many colors, and have features like black-out lining and cut-outs if needed.  Custom sizes also available. We manufacture berthing bunk curtains for ships.  All of our berthing bunk curtains are produced here in the USA at our factory in Chula Vista, California. One color option for our berthing bunk […]

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Heavy Duty Tablecloths for Commercial Use

We manufacture a wide selection of heavy-duty tablecloths for use in restaurants, catering, events, schools and universities, and more. This particular heavy duty tablecloth we offer is unlike anything else on the market.  We call it Supreme! Supreme Heavy Duty material is good for tablecloths because: It wipes down easily making clean-up a cinch It is very thick […]

We Manufacture Custom Soft Foam Cases and Carrying Bags

We manufacture a variety of custom soft foam cases and bags for various industries and customers. Our most recent project is for a manufacturer of sound equipment used by the military.  Our customer needed a soft custom case to transport the devices.  The case is also used for storing the equipment when it’s not in […]

Extra Heavy Duty Commercial Vinyl Tablecloths

Are you looking for extra heavy vinyl tablecloths? A commercial-grade of vinyl tablecloth? Then look no further! We manufacture them. One option for extra heavy vinyl tablecloths is to order our Supreme vinyl table covers. All sorts of customers buy this type of vinyl tablecloth from us: restaurants, caterers, event planners, and anyone else looking […]

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Custom Fitted Table Cover Project

As a manufacturer of custom industrial sewing products, occasionally we get products out of the norm. Recently, we had one of those requests; Garry and Ellen from Texas came to us for a hexagon-shaped table cover to fit their outdoor patio table. We make custom-fitted table covers all the time, but have never received a […]