Durability & Easy Fit is Important When Buying Spandex Stretch Chair Covers

We manufacture stretch chair covers made from Lycra. They are very durable because they have 20% Lycra in them. (Lycra, by Dupont is the brand name for Spandex.) 20% Lycra means the stretch factor is high, and they will not loose their shape easily with proper care. Besides their long-lasting stretch, the reason our customers really […]

Restaurant Vinyl Table Covers – Round – Oval

Since 1958, we have manufactured vinyl table covers for commercial use. Our best customers include restaurants, clubs, universities, event planners, caterers, and more.  Our customers select our heavy-duty vinyl table covers for their quality, selection of colors, and quick turn-around. We are known for pioneering the fitted style of vinyl table cover because it looks the best when […]

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60 Years of Gary Manufacturing

Gary Manufacturing opened for business in 1958. Today, we do not know much about the original Gary of Gary Manufacturing, but we know that the original owner sold to Bob in the mid 1960’s. After 20+ years of ownership Bob sold to current owners Brian and Helen Smith in April 1995. Brian and Helen have […]

Custom Printed Equipment Covers for Medical or IT/Technology Companies

We manufacture custom printed equipment covers for many firms in the medical or technology fields. You may recognize some of the names below. The most successful projects are defined by how fast we can move to the market for our clients. Designing a custom cover can be very tricky, as in most of these cases […]

Equipment Covers for Commercial Use Made from Vinyl, Nylon or Polyester

We manufacture equipment covers for medical, industrial and commercial applications, made from vinyl, nylon or polyester. One such cover we recently made was for a client who manufactures wipes for make-up removal, or cleaning. They recently required some new covers for their material inventory. The custom covers we made make it easier to cover the […]

Extra Long Shower Curtains

Gary Manufacturing is the expert you’re looking for to manufacture extra long and extra wide shower curtains. We offer an extensive line of vinyl and nylon fabrics to meet your industry standard.  Standard size shower curtains are 35″ wide by 70″ long or 70″ wide by 70″ long.  Often your opening requires a curtain that […]


Why a Fabric Washer/Dryer Cover is Better Than Plastic

This might be the most useless information in the history of the web, but today I want to address a question related to Washer and Dryer Covers that we get ALL THE TIME. The situation goes something like this: a person has run out of room at their house, or they just moved to a […]


Stall Width Shower Curtains

Are you searching for stall width shower curtains?  A special size shower curtain that’s narrow, or extra wide?  Then look no further! We manufacture them. First, let’s cover the sizes of shower stall widths.  Remember, the width is the wall to wall dimension, (left to right.)  Here are several widths for stall shower openings: 30” 36” 38” […]

Clear Top Shower Curtain in Vinyl or Fabric

Clear top vinyl shower curtain in vinyl, with mesh header for institutional use. We manufacture clear top shower curtains in vinyl or fabric for use in all kinds of institutions. Recently we got a call from The Menninger Clinic in Houston. They were looking to replace their shower curtains, with clear tops. It was really […]

Cleaning Tips for Our Heavy Duty Vinyl Table Covers

We get a lot of requests for information on how to clean and care for our heavy duty vinyl table covers. We have previously discussed how durable they are, and how they transform a room. Today we thought we’d discuss how to care for them. Proper cleaning our heavy duty vinyl table covers ensures long-lasting […]