We Manufacture Berthing Bunk Curtains

Berthing bunk curtains for ships come in many colors, and have features like black-out lining and cut-outs if needed.  Custom sizes also available. We manufacture berthing bunk curtains for ships.  All of our berthing bunk curtains are produced here in the USA at our factory in Chula Vista, California. One color option for our berthing bunk […]

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Heavy Duty Tablecloths for Commercial Use

We manufacture a wide selection of heavy-duty tablecloths for use in restaurants, catering, events, schools and universities, and more. This particular heavy duty tablecloth we offer is unlike anything else on the market.  We call it Supreme! Supreme Heavy Duty material is good for tablecloths because: It wipes down easily making clean-up a cinch It is very thick […]

Extra Heavy Duty Commercial Vinyl Tablecloths

Are you looking for extra heavy vinyl tablecloths? A commercial-grade of vinyl tablecloth? Then look no further! We manufacture them. One option for extra heavy vinyl tablecloths is to order our Supreme vinyl table covers. All sorts of customers buy this type of vinyl tablecloth from us: restaurants, caterers, event planners, and anyone else looking […]

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Custom Fitted Table Cover Project

As a manufacturer of custom industrial sewing products, occasionally we get products out of the norm. Recently, we had one of those requests; Garry and Ellen from Texas came to us for a hexagon-shaped table cover to fit their outdoor patio table. We make custom-fitted table covers all the time, but have never received a […]

More Types of Shower Curtains for Commercial Use: Hookless, Stalls, Break-Away Etc.

Since 1958, we have been manufacturing shower curtains for commercial use. Over the years, we’ve had many requests for stall curtains, break-away curtains, safety curtains, hookless curtains, etc. Here then is a list of all the options you can have on a commercial shower curtain: Stall size Extra-long Extra-wide Mesh at the top Clear plastic […]

Custom Rack Covers for Storage

Three ties at top and side zips on our rack covers makes finding and storing items easy. We manufacture a variety of rack covers for storage. Our rack covers protect stored items from dust, debris, and the elements.  And, they offer additional protection against theft or pilferage. They can be made for regular racks such […]

Durable Robe Bag Covers for Choirs are Perfect for Tours

These are ideal for travel or storage, as they are extra long, and hold multiple garments.  Earlier this week, we got a really nice email from Ruth D. with the First Community Church in Columbus, OH who purchased our robe bag covers for the Chancel Choir as they toured Europe this summer. She was impressed by their […]

Antistatic Vinyl Film for Custom Dust Covers

We manufacture custom covers using antistatic vinyl film. The antistatic PVC material can be used for dust covers, drum covers, equipment covers, rack covers and more. Check out all the different types of custom covers we can manufacture. In areas of high humidity, there is no need for antistatic properties. But in dry, low humidity […]

Wholesale Shower Curtains, Made in USA

Wholesale shower curtains produced at our facility. We are a wholesale supplier of shower curtains. All of our shower curtains are produced here in the USA, at our manufacturing facility in National City, 4 miles south of beautiful San Diego, California. One option for our wholesale shower curtains is to order them in PVC vinyl. […]