For over 25 years, Gary has worked to design and manufacture industry-leading incontinent wear and related products.

Sold through our extensive network of distributors, our GaryWear line includes items like reusable pants, diapers, and bedding for individuals who suffer from bladder and bowel incontinence.

Our team strives to shine as innovators within the incontinent product industry. We’re well known for our two proprietary vinyls, Softwear™ and Euroflex™, which are non-toxic and specially designed to meet the needs of incontinent individuals. Our flannels are made of 100% natural fibers that allow for maximum absorption and comfort at all times.

Products Available

We offer a range of items to mitigate the impacts of incontinence. Some of our most popular offerings include terry-lined waterproof pants, bikini-style and pull-on briefs, and plastic mattress and pillow covers. Our offerings extend beyond these and include:

  • Active Briefs
  • Gary Original Pants: available in pull-on and snap-on designs
  • Gary Comfort Pants: available in pull-on and snap-on designs
  • Gary Bloomers
  • Diapers: flat, insert pads, and pull-on terry designs available
  • Bibs and smocks
  • Bedding: mattress and pillow covers

Each of these products is reusable and built to withstand the wear of numerous launderings. This creates a cost-effective solution for individuals who require these products. Customers concerned about environmental impact or monetary waste can also rest assured that their Gary products are cost-efficient and eco-friendly. There’s no need to fuss with low-quality or disposable products that waste time, resources, and funds.

Key Features

Each of our Gary Care products is made with a breathable and waterproof fabric or REACH compliant vinyl. Our pants can be worn over disposable or reusable diapers for additional protection day or night. If you know you’ll be without washroom access, they’re a great way to achieve peace of mind as you go about daily activities.

Each of our products is made in the USA and adheres to appropriate regulations and guidelines. Whether you’re on the hunt for vinyl incontinent pants, specialized snap closure pieces, or plastic bedding protection, we have exactly what you need.

How to Choose Incontinent Products

Some individuals find themselves at a loss when they need to select the best incontinent options for themselves or a loved one. For a seamless decision process, keep four key factors in mind: size, absorbency, price, and gender-specific options.

Garments that are too small or large cannot manage urine leaks effectively. It’s important for these products to be well-fitting and secure. The individual who will use these items should measure their waist, hips, and thighs carefully to find the best fit.

Individuals require varying absorbency levels in their incontinent products. This factor may be the most influential in the decision-making process; most consumers purchase their incontinent items based on absorbency. Those who experience mild leaking or light dribbling may do well with simple pads while briefs. Mattress covers might be necessary for those who regularly lose large quantities of urine.

Partnering With Gary Manufacturing

We service customers ranging from residential care facilities to online medical products suppliers and senior home care service providers. Our steadfast commitment to providing consistent quality, excellent customer service, and industry-leading products has earned us a loyal clientele.

Our brand extends beyond selling directly to customers; we also partner with organizations interested in offering our products to their customers. Those who are interested have the option of becoming a distributor with us. For more information on our Incontinent Wear items, contact one of our distributors close to your area.


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