Promotional covers are an excellent source of passive marketing for your company or organization.

Typically featuring a custom-printed name, logo, or design, these products slide over the top of a chair or fit over a table to display the intended message. Printed in high-quality fabric, vinyl, or plastic, they are a cost-effective method of adding brand messaging and aesthetic value to corporate events and public gatherings.

At Gary Manufacturing, we produce a wide range of high-quality promotional covers in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Each of these custom products is designed with the customer in mind.

Types of Corporate Promotional Covers

We supply several types of corporate promotional covers, including:

  • Chair Caps

    Promotional chair caps—also referred to as chair back covers—fit over the backs of chairs. Featuring durable and long-lasting nylon, fabric, or vinyl construction, our chair caps are available in many different colors with options for silkscreened, embroidered, or digitally printed logos and messages.

    • Our nylon caps allow for crisp and clean print quality and are easy to wipe clean, making them easy to reuse.
    • Our fabric chair caps are available in two types of polyester: our “premier” option that resembles cotton and a less expensive alternative characterized by a slight sheen.

    The ease of cleaning and reuse of our chair caps make them suitable for stadium seating and similar applications.

  • Chair Covers

    Chair covers are similar to chair caps except they cover the entirety of a chair instead of just its back. Our cost-effective, high-quality chair covers are bestsellers in the United States and purchased by a diverse clientele including the Navy, the Coast Guard, hotel chains, and individual buyers.

    Some of the characteristics of our chair covers include:

    • 100% spandex construction for strength and longevity
    • Securely sewn seams to prevent pulling or breakage
    • Fully hemmed skirts for a polished finish
    • Durable webbing pockets for chair feet to ensure a tighter fit and neater look
  • Table Covers/Cloths

    Our table covers and cloths are available in drape or fitted styles.

    • Drape style covers and cloths are like traditional cloth table covers that feature a soft drape edge. When selecting this type of cover or cloth, we recommend allowing at least 8 inches for overhang.
    • Fitted style table covers and cloths are designed and manufactured to the exact dimensions of your table’s surface area. For fitted covers and clothes, we sew a 5″, 8″, or 29″ inch drop to the top of the cover creating a gusseted side.
    • These products are suitable for high-traffic areas.

    Regardless of the style of table cover or cloth you choose, all of our products are available with a variety of customization options. These options include custom sizes and shapes, additional features (e.g., umbrella holes), bright tones or muted colors, wipeable surfaces, and kid-safe materials.

Cover Materials

Our chair caps, chair covers, and table covers are made of a variety of materials, such as:

  • Vinyl
  • Nylon
  • Fabrics (e.g., polyester)

Our expert team also provides material recommendations for customer projects upon request.

Industrial and Commercial Applications

Our promotional products find use in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including:

  • Corporate events and tradeshows
  • Stadium seating
  • Kids play places in event spaces
  • Card game supply companies
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Restaurants
  • Military ships and installations

Corporate Promotional Covers from Gary Manufacturing

At Gary Manufacturing, we tailor your promotional covers to your specific requirements. If you send us your custom design, we can silkscreen, embroider, and digitally print it to your cover. We offer custom covers for any type of chair, including folding or stacking banquet chairs, bus seats, beach or lounge chairs, office chairs, and auditorium or stadium seats.

If you’d like to learn more about our custom promotional cover capabilities, contact us, or request a free quote today.

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