A Great Place to Source Fabrics

LA International Textile happens twice a year; in the Spring and Fall. This is a trade show in Los Angeles where you can find all types of fabrics. This year, it’s April 14-16. For more information, visit the show’s website.   Need more information on all the products we can manufacture? Call us, we’re happy […]

Equipment Covers for Medical Industries

Medical equipment covers come in many shapes and sizes when they’re custom made. Our core competency is sewing: industrial sewing, commercial sewing, contract sewing – however you describe it, it’s what we have been doing for more than 50 years. Our consistent quality, excellent customer service, and fast product turn-around time are why firms in the healthcare […]

Still Sewing!

This year was surprisingly good for Gary Manufacturing. I say surprisingly because the economy in 2009 has been tough on most manufacturers. We continued a great year with our existing clients, and found a lot of new ones! We produced a lot of chair back caps, and printed tablecloths which shows the promotional market or advertising specialty industry […]

Do You Have a Need for Wholesale Plastic Tablecloths?

We manufacture high quality wholesale plastic tablecloths, right here in the USA. And the plastic tablecloth fabric is made in the USA too. These are good old-fashioned, flannel-backed plastic tablecloths – just like the kind your mother had! Only now they come in colors she only dreamed about, like rich chocolate brown and deep burgundy […]

Finding Great Fabrics

Finding great fabrics is difficult as the industry is really fragmented, and many of the U.S. facilities have moved offshore to China. But, twice a year in Los Angeles, there is a trade show you might consider attending if you are looking for fabrics or want to learn more about the industrial sewing industry. It’s […]

How to Fold and Store Your Chair Covers

There are a couple of ways to store your chair covers, but one way is to simply fold them, and put them back into the box they came in for storage purposes. We have made a simple video to show you how to re-fold them the exact way we send them to you. This method is […]

Ivory Chair Covers for Sale

For more than 15 years, we’ve been manufacturing ivory chair covers for regular stacking banquet chairs, and folding chairs. We offer a few different fabric options in ivory, all of which have similar benefits. The first option is our best-seller: Premier polyester in Ivory. This fabric has the look and feel of cotton, but the […]