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Rack Curtains for US Navy & Coast Guard Customers

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We were recently looking over our list of customers who have purchased our rack curtains for Navy and Coast Guard ships, and we realized it’s a really long list!

  • USS Annapolis
  • USS Antietam
  • USS Anzio
  • USS Ashland
  • USS Batann
  • USS Benfold
  • USS Bonhomme Richard
  • USS Boxer
  • USS Champion
  • USS Chung-Hoon
  • USS Comstock
  • USS Devastator
  • USS Dewey
  • USS Enterprise
  • USS Essex
  • USS Gary
  • USS Green Bay
  • USS Halsey
  • USS Harpers Ferry
  • USS Hopper
  • USS Lassen
  • USS Makin Island
  • USS McClusky
  • USS Mobile Bay
  • USS New Orleans
  • USS Oak Hill
  • USS Paul Hamilton
  • USS Peleliu
  • USS Preble
  • USS Reuben James
  • USS Ronald Reagan
  • USS Russell
  • USS Sampson
  • USS Shiloh
  • USS Stockdale
  • USS Thach
  • USNS Amelia Earhart
  • USNS Carl M Brashear
  • USNS Comfort
  • USNS Mercy
  • USNS Robert E. Peary
  • USCG MLC Pac
  • USCG Rush
  • USCGC Bertholf
  • USCGC Clamp
  • USCGC Escanaba
It makes sense that so many would buy our rack curtains because customers like the Navy our Coast Guard customers really need a quality product from a reliable manufacturer.  Our rack curtains have many great features including 100% breathable cotton allowing air circulation in a tiny bunk.  This keeps the bunk area cooler.    Another great feature is that the fabric is tightly woven, so a minimal amount of light passes through.  For an upgrade, the rack curtains can have complete black-out liners if needed.  You can read all about the features of our rack curtains here.
Rack curtains for Navy and Coast Guard customers are a standard size of 45” x 22” high, and a pair is required for each bunk.  We can make any custom size required.  Sometimes rack curtains are needed in a longer length or even extra wide.  In addition, some rack curtains require funny shapes with cut-outs, for air fans, or special snaps for attachment.
All of our rack curtains for the Navy are manufactured right here in San Diego, California, so they are made in the USA.  We are close to the ship yards, and some customers simply stop by to pick them up once their order is ready.  Others simply have them shipped to their location or FPO.  Always allow 10 days for production, and if you need them sooner, just advise us when you call, and we can RUSH them for you.