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Custom Printed Chair Caps

Gary Manufacturing offers custom chair caps and full chair covers that can be printed, embroidered, or silkscreened with logos, messages, or other graphics with low minimum order quantities. At Gary Manufacturing, we feature cutting-edge technologies, global production capabilities, and unmatched customer service. We understand no two customers are the same; that is why our range of printed covers is specifically tailored to meet your needs and application.

Our covers are offered in fabric and vinyl that suit various applications such as:

  • Promotional chair covers
  • Stadium seating chair covers
  • School, college, and university chair covers
  • Restaurant chair covers
  • Reserved seat covers for VIP or ADA seating
  • Chair covers for military ships and installations

Custom Chair Caps

Custom chair caps or chair back covers are designed to fit over the backs of the chair. At Gary Manufacturing, we have unmatched capabilities to manufacture universal chair caps for multiple styles and sizes of chairs. Our caps are made of durable, long-lasting nylon, fabric, or vinyl constructions that can withstand all types of abuse and harsh weather elements. Our caps are also available in various colors and styles to choose from, including silkscreened, embroidered, or digitally printed logos and messages.

Custom Chair Covers

Chair covers share several similarities with chair caps except that they cover the entirety of a chair instead of just its back. Gary Manufacturing offers cost-effective, high-quality, durable chair covers designed for various military and hotel industry applications. Our chair covers boast 100% spandex construction for strength and longevity, securely sewn seams that protect from breakage and pulling, fully hemmed skirts for a polished finish, and durable webbing pockets that guarantee a tighter fit and an appealing look.

Printing & Embroidery Capabilities

At Gary Manufacturing, we offer a range of printing capabilities for chair caps and covers. Whether you need printed logos, branding elements, custom designs, text, and other elements, our highly experienced printing experts will deliver high-quality printed and embroidered products that add brand messaging and aesthetic value to public gatherings and corporate events. Some of the methods that we leverage in printing applications include:

  • Silkscreening
  • Digital Printing
  • Embroidery

UCSD chair cap back


Gary Manufacturing uses a range of high-quality and durable materials to make printed chair covers and caps. Some of the most commonly utilized materials in our manufacturing processes include:

  • Vinyl: Vinyl looks and feels like leather and cleans easily.
  • Nylon: We offer a Denier nylon pack cloth that is easy to care for and highly durable.
  • Fabric: If fabric is your option, you will choose from polyester types: the primer and the poplin. The primer typically looks and feels like cotton. Poplin is less expensive and comes with a slight sheen on it. Both options are easy to care for since they don’t need any ironing.

Additionally, you will also have other design options to choose from, depending on your needs. These include Velcro, pockets, gusset, and stackable chairs.

UCSD chair cap backLearn More About Our Printed Chair Covers

Gary Manufacturing’s custom branded chair covers are designed to enhance the beauty and ambiance of your function and leave a lasting memory in the minds of your guests. Our American-made products are RoHS, REACH, and Prop 65 compliant, and select materials are also fire retardant at NFPA701 standards.

Whether you need to assign seating or simply get your message out, Gary Manufacturing can create the perfect chair cover or chair cap for you. Tell us about your project, and we’ll make expert recommendations to suit your needs. Contact us for a quote and tell us if your chairs are regular stacking banquet chairs or folding chairs.