Custom rack coverAt Gary Manufacturing, we manufacture medical cart covers for a number of applications, including emergency and operating room carts, linen carts, utility carts, crash carts, and more. We can customize them to fit your existing equipment with a wide range of materials, including vinyls, nylons, RoHS 3-compliant materials, and Sure-Chek linen. You can add other features, like zippers, pouches and pockets, velcro closures, and more, to increase functionality.

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Types of Medical Equipment Cart Covers

At Gary Manufacturing, we offer clients in the medical industry a variety of medical equipment cart covers, including:

  • Medical linen cart covers
  • Supply cart covers
  • Emergency and surgery cart covers
  • Equipment cart covers
  • ESD cart covers
  • Dietary services cart covers
  • And more

At Gary Manufacturing, we specialize in custom solutions. We can provide custom shapes, sizes, and design features, including cut-outs and openings for cables, poles, handles, and other cart elements.

How to Buy Custom Hospital Equipment Cart Covers

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How to Buy Custom Hospital Equipment Car Covers

There are several considerations you’ll need to make when ordering custom medical cart covers. These include:


It’s important to select the best material for your hospital equipment cart covers. Common material options include:

  • Nylon. Lightweight and water-repellent, nylon is known for durability and flexibility. We offer 1000 Denier Nylon for heavy-duty applications, 600/300 Denier Nylon (which is PVC-coated and popular for equipment covers), and medium-weight 400 Denier Nylon.
  • Vinyl. Fire-retardant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, vinyls are available in REACH and Prop 65 compliant options. Sure-Chek LINEN is a popular choice in hospitals, as it’s anti-static, stain and odor resistant, tear resistant, and comes in a variety of colors. We also have Frosty Clear PVC film for cold storage applications, anti-static vinyl, and 10-oz Banna with inner skrim.
  • Polyester. Polyester is washable, lightweight, and looks and feels like cotton. Premier 100% MJS Spun Polyester is available in a number of bright colors.


You’ll need to provide your cart measurements so we can create a cover with a perfect fit. To do so, you’ll need to measure the width, depth, and height of the cart frame, excluding castors. Measure the cart height from the top of the wheel to the top of the cart. Please also include your preferred corner style, as well: square, rounded corners at the ends, or rounded corners across the length of the cover.


Covers can be further customized with a variety of features to best suit your application. These include:

  • Closures. Choose from zippers, velcro, and snaps for your preferred closure.
  • Special Design Elements. We can incorporate special design elements such as windows, clear doors, roll-up ties, cable and handle openings, pouches to hold devices and documents, and reinforced corners.
  • Custom Branding. With digital or UV direct printing, silkscreening, or embroidery, we can include your facility name and logo or other identifying information on your cart covers.

Our prototyping process comes with a sample unit, so you can ensure the proper fit. We also accept purchase orders or net 30 terms by application.

Hospital Equipment Cart Covers from Gary ManufacturingDrop on cart cover

Custom medical cart covers protect your equipment while incorporating the dimensions, special design elements, and materials to suit your specific needs. At Gary Manufacturing, we maintain many certifications to ensure your products meet strict health and safety standards. These certifications include NFPA-701 Title 19, RoHS 3, REACH, and Prop 65.

Contact us or request a quote to learn more about our medical cart covers and how we can create a solution to fit your application.