As a custom medical sewing manufacturer, Gary Manufacturing offers a variety of products for our healthcare and medical clients.

These include Cook Medical, Kaiser Permanente, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Anatomage, Columbia Medical, Harvard Medical, and the Chamberlin Group. Our custom products include:

  • Shower curtains for use in hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Medical equipment covers
  • Incontinence products
  • Straps and bags
  • Covers for light-up tables
  • Protective construction equipment
  • Transportable medical carrying pouches
  • Padded bags for medical devices
  • Privacy curtains

Custom Sewn Products for Healthcare & Medical Facilities

With our years of experience, we understand the demands of a medical setting, and we’re proud to offer a variety of high-quality options for the products you need.

Shower Curtains

Our hospital shower curtains are available in both fabric and vinyl in standard sizes, or they can be custom-made to accommodate your extra-long or extra-wide showers. Mesh-top and see-through panels are available for air flow or visibility, while maintaining a solid middle section for privacy. Our curtains are flame resistant, according to NFPA-701 standards to ensure they stop burning as soon as the source of the flame is gone, and they’re made of antimicrobial and bacteria-resistant materials. Grommets are nickel-plated or made of HDPE or #2 brass to help you maintain sanitary conditions in your facility. Choose breakaway curtains, which are designed to release under a load to prevent dangerous entanglement, as an added safety measure.

Our Sure-Chek material is a high-performance choice that is popular for institutional showers and cubicle curtains. It’s stain- and odor-resistant, and easy to wipe clean. Learn more about our materials here.

Equipment Covers

Equipment covers are essential for protecting expensive and delicate medical equipment from dust and damage. Equipment covers have a range of applications, and they can be customized to suit your needs:

  • Medical equipment cart dust covers
  • Clean room equipment covers
  • Dust collection covers
  • Diagnostic equipment covers
  • Hospital linen cart covers
  • Optical device covers
  • Medical laptop cart covers
  • Multi-shelf utility cart covers
  • Home health transport covers

This can also include padded bags and foam inserts for medical devices. Equipment covers are made of nylon, vinyl, or specialty materials as required to meet your specifications. Because it’s RoHS 3 compliant, 400 denier nylon is a popular choice. All of these cover types can feature your branding or identification information via UV direct print, hand stitching, or embroidery.

Incontinence Products

GaryWear logoOur GaryWear line of pants, diapers, and bedding for those who suffer from bladder and bowel incontinence are sold through an extensive distributor network. For more than 25 years, we’ve been recognized for our industry-leading innovations in this area, including two proprietary vinyls: Softwear™ and Euroflex™. These materials are non-toxic, REACH compliant, and especially designed to meet the needs of incontinent individuals with 100% natural fibers that allow for both comfort and maximum absorption. GaryWear products include:

  • Active Briefs
  • Gary Original Pants and Gary Comfort Pants (both available in pull-on and snap-on designs)
  • Gary Bloomers
  • Diapers (available in flat, insert pads, and pull-on terry designs)
  • Bibs and Smocks
  • Mattress and Pillow Covers

Specialty Products From Gary Manufacturing

From straps and pads to touch keypad covers, light-up table covers, protective construction equipment, and transportable medical carrying and tool pouches, we produce a variety of specialty products that are custom-made to suit your needs.

For more than 60 years, Gary Manufacturing has been producing products for the medical, hospitality, commercial, and industrial industries in our San Diego facility. We’re committed to offering the highest quality custom solutions for our clients, which is why we’ve taken measures to meet or exceed a number of industry standards and regulations. Our certifications and quality standards include:

  • NFPA-701
  • RoHS 3 Compliant
  • PREA
  • Prop 65

We offer a range of materials for you to choose from, and we can help you make a selection based on the demands of your application. Our capabilities include prototype development and custom products from design to completion. We accept purchase orders or net 30 terms by application.

At Gary Manufacturing, we’re committed to social and ecological responsibility. Our products are made to last and be reused. Request a quote for your project, or contact us to learn more about our history of U.S.-based manufacturing and how we can help you with all your medical sewing needs.