The military and aerospace industries depend on high-quality sewing services for numerous applications.

At Gary Manufacturing, our industrial sewing capabilities allow us to design and manufacture a variety of products. We provide the following industrial sewing services to meet the requirements of the military and aerospace sectors:

  • Custom military and aerospace sewing
  • Printed vinyl table and chair covers for military use
  • Military and aerospace equipment covers
  • Products for ship-board use

We have delivered the following solutions to various military branches, aerospace contractors, and military contractors:

Gary Manufacturing has over 20 years of experience manufacturing goods for military and aerospace use, and we have been in the industrial sewing business for over 60 years. Our experts work with you from start to finish to produce custom products that meet and exceed your expectations. We manufacture products based on your equipment drawings and requirements, and all products are Made in the USA. When we deliver the finished product, we keep signed spec acceptance documents on file for future reference.

We work with numerous leaders in the military and aerospace fields. We serve military and government agencies directly, including the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Coast Guard, and NASA. We also work with major aerospace OEMs such as SpaceX, Siemens, and Genasys. Our products and services are fully customizable, enabling us to meet the unique specifications of the military and aerospace sectors.

Military & Aerospace Sewing Products and Services

At Gary Manufacturing, our industrial sewing services allow us to deliver premium military and aerospace products.

  • Tabel & Chair Covers

    We manufacture table and chair covers from printed vinyl for use in military operating environments. Our team can custom embroider or print our custom covers with military seals in a range of colors. Our heavy-duty vinyl covers come with optional knitted or flannel fabric backing. We will custom manufacture covers for mess hall use, along with awnings and covers for equipment in the dining area and kitchen.

  • Navy Rack & Berth Curtains

    Our navy rack and berth curtains are made from 100% cotton, yielding a thick curtain that blocks out light while allowing air to pass through. Our cotton curtains come in several colors and feature dust-mite and flame resistance.

  • Military Equipment Covers

    We manufacture covers for military and aerospace equipment, including engine covers, solar rack covers for desert deployment, rack covers, and soft cases for military use. Our rack covers are available in a vast range of sizes and colors and made of cut-resistant nylon with durable zippers to withstand heavy use. Our custom soft cases are ideal for transporting and protecting electronic equipment from shock, handling, and falls. We also provide custom closures like zippers and Velcro straps to secure the case contents.

  • Custom Sewing

    Our custom sewing capabilities for the military and aerospace field include numerous solutions. Gary Manufacturing can deliver a custom product to match unique application needs. For example, we have made custom straps for parachute deployment and pouches to hold instruction manuals on the back of chairs.

Custom Military & Aerospace Sewing Services

At Gary Manufacturing, we deliver high-quality industrial sewing services and custom-made products to the military and aerospace industry. We can meet a diverse range of military specifications using a variety of materials, and our products include 100% cotton rack and privacy curtains that comply with MIL-Spec requirements.

Gary Manufacturing has been in the industrial sewing business since 1958, and we have over 20 years producing premium quality aerospace and military products. Our manufacturing facility is located in San Diego, California, within convenient distance of several military installations. Request a quote to speak with our representatives about your industrial sewing needs.