Often used in mess halls, officer’s quarters, and Coast Guard/Navy marine vessels, Gary Manufacturing offers table covers with military crests that are approved for shipboard use and fitted to direct specifications of onboard table sizes. Most importantly, our superior durability and wear resistance mean quality is never a question.

When you need custom military table covers that endure, Gary Manufacturing delivers. Our table covers are designed for your unique needs, from nonstandard sizes and tight specifications to your choice of fabric and style. Our table covers can be printed, embroidered, or silkscreened with logos, messages, or other graphics to combine personalized design and exceptional quality.

Military Table Cover Styles

Our table covers and cloths are available in draped or fitted styles to accommodate your particular needs, with each style having its own features and benefits.

  • Drape Style: Drape style covers have a soft draped edge and are similar to traditional table cloths. At a minimum, we recommend 8” of overhang for drape styles.
  • Fitted Table Cover Style: Fitted table covers are created to the precise measurements of the table’s surface with a 5”, 8”, or 29” drop to the top of the cover to create a gussetted side. Fitted covers are ideal for high-traffic areas.

All of our products have a wide range of customization options, including:

  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Additional features, such as umbrella holes
  • Bright tones or muted colors
  • Wipeable surfaces
  • Imprint of ship crest or officer acknowledgement

Military Table Cover Shapes

At Gary Manufacturing, we are committed to meeting the needs of every customer. That’s why we offer custom table covers in sizes and shapes. For size customization, the process begins with determining the shape of your table cover. We can accommodate round, oval, and rectangular shapes with customized sizing and materials. In addition, we offer table covers for these specialty items:

  • Hexagon tables
  • L-shaped tables
  • Conference room tables
  • Other custom profiles

Your needs are unique, and your service should be too. Gary Manufacturing is committed to personalizing your journey from design to delivery. Contact us for information on sizing and materials for custom orders.

Military Table Cover Materials & Customization Options

We offer three quality materials for our military table covers:

  • Vinyl: Vinyl covers are a cost-effective, durable option that offers antimicrobial and stain-resistant properties. Our vinyls come in three categories: supreme, concept, and titan vinyl. Each one is easy to clean with mild soapy water and offers different benefits for different applications.
  • Fabric: We offer Banox fabric, a flame-retardant cotton material, is approved for shipboard use
  • Nylon: Nylon is inherently fire retardant, long lasting, and easy to clean.

Gary Manufacturing takes great pride in our materials and processes, but our customization options make our products uniquely yours, including:

  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Cutouts and velcro attachments
  • Umbrella holes
  • Bright hues
  • Muted colors
  • Wipeable and kid-safe surfaces
  • Printing, embroidery, and silkscreen
  • Logos, messages, and other graphics

Once you provide your ship’s crest, we do the rest and offer the following services to personalize your table cover:

  • Silkscreen
  • Embroidery
  • Digital Printing
  • Full-color images
  • Logo printing
  • Direct UV printing

Gary Manufacturing adheres to industry standards and requirements with our wide variety of materials. Please contact us to discuss your MIL-Spec requirements.

Custom Creations and Personalized Service

At Gary Manufacturing, we strive to provide the best products and materials designed for each customer’s unique needs. For over 60 years, we have maintained quality production standards without sacrificing exceptional customer service. We give everything we have to those who have given everything to us.

We specialize in custom military tablecloths created to your unique specifications with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Contact us or request a quote online for your custom military table covering.