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Gary Table Covers: How to Clean and Disinfect

Gary Manufacturing has been offering custom vinyl table covers and fabric tablecloths for over 30 years. Here is a guide on how to clean and disinfect your covers based on what material you have ordered.  These instructions will help extend the life of your cover ensuring your space always looks and feels inviting and clean.

Vinyl Table Covers

We use quality vinyl’s that withstand heavy use. Your table cover is likely made from one of the following materials; Supreme, Titan, and Concept.  They are vinyl topped materials with a flannel or knit backing.

To remove ordinary dirt and smudges, use mild soap and warm water (non-abrasive cleaners only; 409 is good. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is recommended).  Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel.

Many stains can be removed with the following steps:

  • Use non-abrasive household cleaners such as Formula 409 or Fantastik with water and a soft cloth.
  • Use a solvent-type cleaner such as rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) liberally applied with a soft cloth. Dry area with another cloth, rinse with clean water and dry.
  • Use a small amount of strong active solvent cleaners such as nail polish remover (acetone/water) applied with a soft cloth.  The stain should be removed with six rubs.  If stain persists after 6 rubs, the stain has probably set, and may not be capable of being removed.  Please be aware that this method may damage the finish on your table cover.  We do not recommend using such harsh manners of cleaning our covers.

Fabric Tablecloths

We offer 2 choice materials for tablecloths, Premier and Poplin. Both are 100% polyester and stain-resistant.

Premier – Our premier fabric is spun polyester with a “cotton-like look and feel”.

Poplin – Our poplin fabric is a lightweight poly with a sheen.

For laundering purposes:

  • Wash in cold water
  • Tumble dry low, remove promptly
  • Use a cool iron for wrinkles

Restaurant Vinyl Table Covers – Round – Oval

Since 1958, we have manufactured vinyl table covers for commercial use.

Our best customers include restaurants, clubs, universities, event planners, caterers, and more.  Our customers select our heavy-duty vinyl table covers for their quality, selection of colors, and quick turn-around.Restaurant Vinyl Table Covers – Round – Oval

We are known for pioneering the fitted style of vinyl table cover because it looks the best when using such thick material. This fitted style of table cover completely transforms the tabletop surface, and many times restaurant owners opt for these instead of new tables.  Many of our customers select our regular drape-style table covers also.
Because the vinyl table covers are thick, they look great in a fitted style.  If you have a round or oval table (oblong in shape,) the fitted style table cover gives it a very clean, polished look.
Essentially, we cut the size of the table cover the same as the surface shape and size of your table, and then sew on a 5” drop on the sides. This looks particularly good on 60″ round tablecloths because unlike cloth fabric linens there is less bulky material in a guest’s lap.
We have written many times about how easy they are to care for, and how long-lasting and durable they are.  They simply are a top-of-the-line, high-quality flannel-backed vinyl table cover.  And our customers have been telling us this for more than 50 years!  Out here in California, we appreciate how little water is used to clean them, unlike traditional table linens.  Try White Supreme vinyl for a really great look instead of cloth table linens!)
When calling for a quote on vinyl table covers, let us know the shape (round, square, oval, etc.) and the size of your table.  We can help you figure out what size table cover you will need.

Cleaning Tips for Our Heavy Duty Vinyl Table Covers

We get a lot of requests for information on how to clean and care for our heavy duty vinyl table covers.

We have previously discussed how durable they are, and how they transform a room. Today we thought we’d discuss how to care for them. Proper cleaning our heavy duty vinyl table covers ensures long-lasting use.

Tip #1: Use mild soap and water, not bleach! Using bleach-based products will dry out the plastic/vinyl, so use a grease cutter like Greenworks, Formula 409 or Fantastick.

Tip #2: Use non-abrasive cleaners. Those three cleaners mentioned above are all non-abrasive. Our Supreme heavy-duty vinyl has a prefix finish, which is easily cleaned. It is also oil and mildew resistant, so cleaning it is simple.

Tip #3: For those of you serving delicious ribs, burgers, fries, and other greasy foods, we recommend using a solvent-type cleaner as needed. A solvent is rubbing alcohol which you can buy at the drug-store (isopropyl alcohol). Simply put some on a soft cloth, and wipe over your table surfaces. Dry it with another cloth, and rinse with clean water, and dry.

Tip #4: If your customers accidentally write on the heavy-duty table cover, and you have a pen mark, apply some nail polish remover right away. Just six (6!) rubs will remove the mark. If it doesn’t, the ink has likely set, and may not be capable of being removed. For that reason, we recommend you choose darker color covers, or have all checks signed at the cash register, not the table.

For more information on our heavy-duty vinyl table covers, and all the products we produce, contact us today: 1 800 775 0804 or request a quote with us today.

Heavy Duty Tablecloths for Commercial Use

We manufacture a wide selection of heavy-duty tablecloths for use in restaurants, catering, events, schools and universities, and more.Heavy Duty Tablecloths for Commercial Use

This particular heavy duty tablecloth we offer is unlike anything else on the market.  We call it Supreme! Supreme Heavy Duty material is good for tablecloths because:
  • It wipes down easily making clean-up a cinch
  • It is very thick and durable meaning it will last many years
  • It always looks brand new, because the colors don’t fade or wear away

Heavy duty vinyl tablecloth in black, brown or burgundy

In a past blog post, we told you all the reasons we love it, including it looks and feels like leather, and it has a soft felt backing for pliability yet strength.  We also told you why the mill loves it, including its protective finish, and it’s 22oz weight.
Our Supreme heavy-duty tablecloths look best in a fitted style.  We’ve written many times about why this style is so good, but the main reason is that when you drape a heavy-duty material over the sides of a table, you want it to hug the sides of the table, and not get in the way of your guests or your servers.  The fitted style gives a very polished look, and while it’s slightly more expensive in terms of production, you get a look that truly transforms a room!
If you decide to order these vinyl table covers in the fitted style as described above, be sure to let us know if your tables have square or rounded corners.  If they are rounded, let us know if it is the Lifetime table, or if it is another table. If it is another table, simply trace the corner’s edge and fax or email us over the shape.  Then we’ll cut the top surface of the cover to the exact shape you send us, which allows for perfect form-fitting covers.
One of our best-selling colors in this amazingly durable material is brown.  It’s a beautiful shade of chocolate brown and is a great neutral for any type of eatery.
Swatch samples of any colors of the material are free.  Just ask us, and we’ll pop one in the mail to you today!

Extra Heavy Duty Commercial Vinyl Tablecloths

Are you looking for extra heavy vinyl tablecloths? A commercial-grade of vinyl tablecloth? Then look no further! We manufacture them.

One option for extra heavy vinyl tablecloths is to order our Supreme vinyl table covers. All sorts of customers buy this type of vinyl tablecloth from us: restaurants, caterers, event planners, and anyone else looking for long-wearing, commercial-grade vinyl covers. Our Supreme vinyl wipes clean easily, has a pre-fixe protective finish, and looks and feels like leather.
Muskingum Lakes Chapter of the American Red Cross in Ohio recently ordered it for their training room tablecloths. Sonnie, who runs the program there, wrote us, “We just love our new tablecloths! What a nice, classy look we have in our meeting room now.
They’re really so nice to use for every occasion, such as Babysitting Training. Thanks for the wonderful job.” They ordered our Supreme covers in a fitted style.
Fitted means, they fit the top surface exactly, and then a 5” drop is sewn on along the sides for a very polished, ‘fitted’ look. They chose Burgundy to compliment their color scheme and branding, but there are many, many colors to choose from.
We also know of one local restaurant that has had the same covers on their tables for 12 years! 12 as in, 10 + 2! We will write about that project soon, but suffice it to say, this is one long-lasting, extra heavy duty, vinyl supreme tablecloth!
UPDATE – This material comes in lots of great colors, including chocolate!

Custom Fitted Table Cover Project

As a manufacturer of custom industrial sewing products, occasionally we get products out of the norm.

Recently, we had one of those requests; Garry and Ellen from Texas came to us for a hexagon-shaped table cover to fit their outdoor patio table. We make custom-fitted table covers all the time, but have never received a request for one of this shape.

After working with our engineer, our production manager was able to get the calculations to optimize our cutting department so the material waste was minimal. Being a fitted table cover, the hardest part is getting the corners correct. If not, you will have either a table cover that is way too big or one that will not fit. Thanks to perfect cutting, impeccable sewing and a QC team that checks every item leaving our building, we were able to provide a top of the line table cover for our customer.

Once Garry and Ellen received their table cover, they emailed us to express their excitement of the product. “I want to thank all those involved in making our Hexagon table covering. What an outstanding piece of work! You can be rest assured, should anyone ask me where I got this your company will be the first I think of. I will have another order for you in the near future, but I have to finish building it first. Again, thanks for a job well done!”

We take pride in all of our products and truly enjoy receiving feedback like this. If you have a product and don’t know where to start in getting a cover made, we make it simple. Request a quote and tell our team what you are looking for, a drawing if possible, and what type of properties you are wanting in your cover and we will help create a solution that makes sense. We enjoy the challenge of creating new products and look forward to seeing what kind of creations we can help you make next!

Clear Plastic Tablecloths for Restaurants

Our clear plastic film is an evergreen seller for us. It’s used for a variety of applications like bags, pouches or shower curtains, but a lot of customers purchase it to cover linen tablecloths because it is great protection against spills and drips on to the tablecloths below.

Clear Plastic Tablecloths for Restaurants

It’s a great option for restaurants that want to provide a linen look, but don’t necessarily have the time to wash their linens. It’s also helpful for clients who need to keep their water bills low because it means less washing. Of course, our customers could also just purchase our vinyl plastic table covers, but for some, that is not the look they’re going for.

Our customers buy it on the roll, and then cut it to the size they require. It is 6 gauge (.006), meaning it is quite thick and durable but still soft and pliable. Most of the other clear plastic on the market is (.004 or worse, .002 gauge) which means it is much thinner and less long-wearing.

They buy it on the roll in lengths of 25 yards, 50 yards or 100 It’s called Double Polished Crystal Clear Vinyl.

To clean it, simply wipe it with a sponge. We recommend a mild grease cutter like Formula 409 or Dr. Bronners castile soaps.

To learn more about our double polished crystal clear vinyl, or any of our other great products we manufacture, call us. We’re happy to help. Toll-free: 1-800-775-0804 or email us:

Do You Have a Need for Wholesale Plastic Tablecloths?

We manufacture high quality wholesale plastic tablecloths, right here in the USA.Wholesale Plastic Tablecloths

And the plastic tablecloth fabric is made in the USA too. These are good old-fashioned, flannel-backed plastic tablecloths – just like the kind your mother had! Only now they come in colors she only dreamed about, like rich chocolate brown and deep burgundy red. Or maybe she was dreaming of a lovely Dutch Blue…..

Wholesale plastic tablecloths should be stain resistant, oil-resistant, and mildew resistant. Ours are! We use upholstery grade vinyl that has a pre-fix finish, making wipe downs fast and easy. The durable material is soft and pliable too, which allows for struggle-free folding when not in use.

Our plastic tablecloths are great for restaurants, hotels, country clubs, event planners, and more – they hold up beautifully to repeated use and are a breeze to clean. And since these tablecloths are water-resistant plastic, they are great for either indoor or outdoor use. Also – they look fantastic! Our customers!

We know there are plenty of wholesale plastic tablecloths out there to choose from. We take pride in making sturdy, durable, attractive table coverings that will provide your customers with years of use. Mom would be proud.

For more information on this and our other products, contact us today: 1 800 775 0804 or request a quote.