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Stock Materials for Clear Vinyl Curtains

Gary Manufacturing offers clear vinyl industrial curtains in a variety of different materials to fit the needs of your project. Here are 5 of the most versatile solutions we offer.  Our five most popular choices for clear vinyl include:

6g or 10g Crystal Clear PVC Film – A clear film that allows for full visibility and light penetration.

Recommended Uses: Shower curtains, windows in custom bags and covers, pockets on promotional chair caps, doors on rack covers, room dividers, and protective barriers.




Frosty Clear PVC Film – A partially opaque film that allows for light penetration and some visibility.

Recommended Uses:  Rack covers, shower curtains, and custom covers.



6g Clear Parquet – An embossed clear film that allows for visibility and light penetration while still maintaining some privacy.

Recommended Uses: Shower curtains.






12oz Clear Banna – A heavy duty supported frosty clear film with interior scrim that allows partial

light penetration and visibility.

Recommended Uses: Rack covers, custom covers, and custom bags.



Sure-Chek – A hospital-ready reinforced clear film with interior scrim that includes antimicrobial, anti-static, and flame-resistant properties.

Recommended Uses: Shower curtains, rack covers, cart covers, custom covers, and cubicle curtains.





Our vinyl curtains may include water-repellent, fire retardant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. They are easy to maintain and come in different thicknesses. Customers can also choose between REACH-compliant or Prop 65-compliant vinyl varieties.

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Make a Statement with Chair Caps

Chair Caps are a great way of marketing your company or a simple way to make a big statement!

Here at Gary Manufacturing we can produce custom chair caps for any type of chair. Whether they are meant to be used at a corporate event, concert or football game, we can produce the exact chair cap you need. One of the great things about our chair caps is that we have two options, a completely custom and fitted chair cap or a universal chair cap. Our fitted and custom chair caps are exactly as they sound, they are fitted and shaped to fit your exact chair. This is a great option for those strange looking chairs that have odd shapes, but will also look great on a more basic shaped chair, such as a folding chair.

The Universal Chair Cap is a great option for those who want to reuse the chair cap on numerous types of chairs. Keep in mind, our chair caps are always meant to be reused, but the universal chair cap option will allow you to use it on all kinds of chairs, unlike the custom chair cap that will be made specifically for one chair. Both options look great and can be made with add-ons such as a printed or embroidered logo and clear or fabric pockets.

We offer a variety of materials to meet your exact needs. Between vinyl, polyester and nylon materials we are sure to have just the right color and material choice you need. In order to get a quote, all we need from you are the measurements of your chair back, a photo of the chair itself (for the shape) and an idea of what material you had in mind. We will take care of the rest and make recommendations as we see fit. What statement do you want to make at your next event?

Get your measuring tape ready and give us a call! We are ready to take on your next project!

Make a Statement with Chair Caps


Durability & Easy Fit is Important When Buying Spandex Stretch Chair Covers

We manufacture stretch chair covers made from Lycra.

Spandex Stretch chair covers

They are very durable because they have 20% Lycra in them. (Lycra, by Dupont is the brand name for Spandex.) 20% Lycra means the stretch factor is high, and they will not loose their shape easily with proper care.

Besides their long-lasting stretch, the reason our customers really like them is that the foot slips on easily to a nylon webbing sock. Nylon webbing is very durable. It is the same material that auto seat belts are made of. This is helpful because sometimes the foot of a chair can be missing its own foot component, and the bottom leg can be quite sharp.

Then, when you slip on the cover and slide the sock over the foot of the chair, it cuts through the fabric. However, because our sock is made from nylon webbing, it slides on easily and does not cut it. This will give you much better durability, and your covers will last longer if the sock is hard-wearing. We made a short video showing how easily the foot of the chair slips in the sock of the stretch chair cover.

Additionally, the cut of our chair cover is generous, so it fits all stacking banquet chairs. Our cover does not require an additional band to keep the seat in place. The bands are available as a color accent, but they are not necessary. For more information on our stretch chair covers, request a quote.

Printed Chair Covers for Promotional Events and Marketing Use

Promotional printed chair back covers in quality fabric or vinyl/plastic are great to get your message out!

These little covers fit over the top of your chair back like a little cap or jacket. We manufacture printed chair covers for promotional use.  Select from stock items, or order a custom shape and size.  Our printed chair covers are available in fabric or vinyl and the minimum order is 12.

Printed Chair Covers

Printed chair covers are great for events, getting your message out, simply branding your identity with a logo, or to create numbered/assigned seating.  We can embroider or print your logo, so long as you have a high quality eps or jpg file.

Printed chair covers in vinyl are great because our vinyl looks and feels like leather.  They also wipe clean easily, making re-use easy and hassle-free.  If you select fabric, we can offer two kinds of polyester: one looks and feels like cotton called “premier” and the other is less expensive, and has a slight sheen to it. This one is a poplin.  Both are extremely easy to care for, and you do not have to iron them.

To get a quote, please tell us if your chairs are folding or regular stacking banquet chairs.  We can also manufacture a custom cover for any type of chair, whether it’s a bus seat, a beach or lounge chair, office chairs, and even auditorium or stadium seats.

For the best fit, simply ship us the chair. If that is not possible, we’ll need pictures from various angles of the chair and the associated dimensions.  If you require a perfect fit, we can create a sample.

Printed chair covers are very popular with our promotional markets which includes advertising, marketing, and PR firms.  One of our favorite projects was this Heineken printed chair cover which was used in restaurants in Miami a few years ago.

Printed Vinyl Chair Backs

Printed Vinyl Chair Backs are great for getting your name in front of your fans. We did this project recently and the client really loved how it turned out.Printed Vinyl Chair Backs

We used navy blue vinyl and matched the PMS gray color for the logo. We printed both sides so fans could see the name more readily, and we added a snap-in case the fans were tempted to take them home.  Of course, it’s not theft-proof, but it does help keep the printed vinyl chair back on more securely, especially if your crowd is at a game!

Besides a snap for security, customers may request a grommet hole on both sides of the vinyl panel, so a plastic zip tie may be used to secure the cover to the seat.  Of course, after your event you will have the unenviable job of cutting them all off, so be sure you really want this feature!

What was really effective about this branding project was how simple and clean the imprint is. There are no additional taglines and no extra thinking required on the part of the reader. It’s just bold and strong, exactly like the owners of that logo. And this, of course, makes for a great statement from the Navy.

Printed Vinyl chair backs are made from plastic (PVC) so they wipe clean easily, and no one has to put them in a washing machine. In this case, the vinyl used is called Titan and comes in many colors. It is an upholstery grade of vinyl, so very durable, and will look great for decades. They store well in the box we ship them in, and you can pull them out game after game for many, many years.

We’re in San Diego, which is home for many of our boys in blue, so we say, “Go Navy!” Who are you rooting for?

Fabric Bar Stool Covers for Events

Our friends at Sea Gulls’ Nest Weddings, buy our bistro chair covers, to cover their outdoor black plastic chairs.

This gives their outdoor weddings a more beautiful look, because the chair slipcovers match their linens.  However, although the chairs and tables are covered, they still had black padded bar stools that were in desperate need of beautifying.

Fabric Bar Stool Covers for Events

We worked with Steve at Sea Gull’s Nest to create a fabric bar stool cover to use at events.  We used the same fabric as his chair covers, and table linens, and made a perfect fit for a 15” padded bar stool.  These bar stool covers are also reversible, which allows him to use them a few times before washing.  This is obviously a big benefit to any venue with more than 1 event planned per weekend.

Fabric Bar Stool Covers for Events


We used our Ivory Premier linen for the stool covers, which is 100% polyester, but because it is an oxford weave, it has a crispness to it like cotton.  However, unlike cotton, it has all the qualities of polyester – making it easy to wash, dry, and there is never any ironing needed. These covers will fit any padded bar stools.  Our minimum order is 12.
Fabric Bar Stool Covers for Events
For more information on this and all the products we produce, contact us today: 1 800 775 0804 or request a quote.


Chair Back Covers for Stadium Seating – A Branding Story

We manufactured these great looking chair back covers to fit stadium seats at the Toyota Center for American Family Insurance.

Chair Back Covers for Stadium SeatingAmerican Family is an insurance firm with offices throughout the U.S., selling life, health, auto, home, boat, and business insurance. They are new to Washington State, however, so are working on building their brand identity in the tri-cities area. The stadium is in south-central Washington.

To introduce the public to their brand, which they believe is embodied by family values and all-American principals, they are sponsoring arena football on Friday nights. To reflect their brand identity, they wanted to create a designated family section. To visually capture this idea and designate an area, they ordered our stadium seating chair back covers in high quality, thick Titan vinyl. Each game has 300 seats set aside for their patrons, and it defines a family zone where kids and parents can sit together without other fans drinking or using bad language around them.

The chair back covers slip over the top of the thick stadium seats, and were made in Blue, and then silkscreened in their red and white logo. From the pictures, you can see that the area is now “special” and the guests themselves feel like they are in a special safe zone. And, the branding is doing its job by associating their logo, with family fun in a safe environment.

The chair back covers are made from thick plastic, so they wipe clean easily and can be stored in boxes. They are meant to be used over and over, year after year. This kind of marketing is very easy to achieve using simple messages, and quality covers. Do you think they achieved their objective with this marketing project?

We loved doing this job, as they were a super firm to work with! Thanks, American Family Insurance!

Chair Back Covers That Say, CHAIR RESERVED or Anything Else for That Matter!

Another great Chair Back Covers Project!

Chair Back Covers

Shadow Hills Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV needed some “Chair Reserved” chair back covers for their chairs in their church. They have a special section they need to set aside for special guests sometimes, so having a designated seating area using chair back covers is a good idea.

They selected our Half Cap chair back covers which can be made from cloth or plastic, and printed their logo and messaging on it. Their artwork was created by someone on their staff who integrated the “reserved” word into it. They sent us the artwork, and we gave them a quote based on the amount of chairs, the size of the cover, and the imprint colors.

These printed chair back covers will fit almost all folding chairs, and some stacking chairs too. We can modify them to fit thicker custom chairs if needed. Just call us and let us know what kind of chair you have. We have many fabrics to choose from, like satin, and they can be embroidered instead of printed, if you prefer.

To get a quote, we will need the quantity, the style of chair back cover you need, and your artwork. If you don’t have the artwork yet, that’s ok, just let us know how many colors it is, and what size the imprint is going to be. You have about a 10”x 5” space on a Half Cap and 10” x 10” on a Full Cap.

The message can be anything you need from sports teams, sales promotions, advertising, or events. The most successful message or logos are very simple, and no more than three words. “Go Team” or “VIP Only” are good examples.

Reserving a section of seating by adding chair back covers is a great way to remind your guests you care about their needs.

Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs

Occasionally Cruise ships call us because they have odd-shaped or over-sized chairs on their decks and they need custom chair covers for them. Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs

To get the perfect fit, we ask them to ship us a chair. The pictures above show how the chair arrives. (We’ve even had them arrive with no wrapping.)

After we take the measurements, we make a pattern. Then the customer approves the custom sample, and we begin production. When the chairs are covered, and on the deck, in completely transforms the look and feel of that area on the ship, and we find the ships ordering chair covers from us year after year. They order white, ivory and black or navy. You can see all the colors we offer.

If you need custom chair covers, request a quote. If the chair has arms, most likely you will need to ship it to us. UPS or FedEx can get it to us. Usually, it costs around $50-$100 (U.S.) We can send it back when we finish your order.

Need more information on all the products we can manufacture? Call us, we’re happy to help. Toll-free: 1-800-775-0804 or email us:

Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs    Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs

How to Fold and Store Your Chair Covers

There are a couple of ways to store your chair covers, but one way is to simply fold them, and put them back into the box they came in for storage purposes.

We have made a simple video to show you how to re-fold them the exact way we send them to you. This method is simple, and once you get the hang of it, you will always want to fold them this way as it helps minimize the fold lines in the skirt if you plan on storing them a while.

Folding 100+ chair covers is not easy work, so make sure you give yourself adequate space; clear off enough room on the surface so that you can work efficiently. Also work at table or counter that is a good height for your body. This minimizes the impact to your back.

Alicia, who manages our QA and Shipping, demonstrates how to fold a chair cover in the video here.

This technique works on regular chair covers and folding chair covers. They ship in an individual plastic bag, which can be re-used and then simply layer them all back in the boxes we ship them in. The bag around each one provides a slight cushion, when storing them, and this also helps minimize fold lines. Store the boxes in a dry area, one on top of the other. You will fit about 50 per box.

For more information on this and all the products we produce, contact us today: 1 800 775 0804 or request a quote.

UPDATE: this video gets a lot of hits, so I just thought I’d add that the other way to store chair covers is to buy rolling racks, and using clip hangers, hang them.  Usually, you can fit a few per hanger.