We manufacture curtains for navy ship’s bunk racks.

Our curtains are high quality and block 95% of the light.  We can also manufacture them with black-out lining if needed.  Just ask.

The photo above compares the typical curtain with our curtain.  A typical polyester curtain for navy racks is on the left.  It is lightweight, synthetic, and does not do a very good job of keeping out the light.  Our fabric is shown on the right.

Our fabric has a much denser weave which allows it to block most light.  It is also 100% cotton, so the fabric breathes, and allows air to pass through creating better air circulation in the bunk cubicle.  In addition, the fabric is treated to meet fire retardant standards. The full features are listed below.

Our customers include the US Navy, Coastguard, and Marines.  We can manufacture rack curtains in Blue, Navy, Hunter Green, Red, and more.

Some customers have special shaped rack berths.  In those cases, we need dimensions with a quick sketch of the shape.  Please indicate on the sketch where the attachments should be placed. To learn more, you can request a quote with the type of curtain attachment you require.  Some older ships have different size attachments.  We can source all of them.

All features of our fabric:

  • Our cotton rack curtains are naturally hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant
  • The fabric is also flame resistant, and meets the requirements of ASTM 1506, OSHA RG 29 CFR       1910-269, NFPA 2112 and 70E; passes Electric Arc Category 2
  • Optional black-out lining
  • Optional tie-backs
  • Optional closures