Gary Manufacturing produces privacy curtains for military installations including Navy ships and for the US Coast Guard.

The curtains are flame retardant, maintain privacy, and control light for shift changes at all hours. Because the curtains are natural fibers, they breathe, allowing for air-flow in humid environments.

Features of our privacy cubicle curtains:

  • The standard size is 45” wide x 22” high. Custom sizes available.
  • 100% pre-shrunk, sateen, apparel-quality cotton Bannox.
  • Durable finish fire retardant, so it maintains its FR properties when laundered; meets NFPA7OE Category 2.
  • Reinforced top tabs are smooth plastic slider tabs, so no noisy rattling or shaking when moved.
  • No pins, hooks or grommets are required for hanging.
  • Hemmed all around.
  • Woven, dyed and finished in the USA.

Navy ship bunk beds – Each bunk requires 2 curtains (a pair).

We can custom manufacture any size or shape privacy curtain required. We are also able to add velcro or
snaps, make cut-outs, produce “L-shaped” curtains, and we offer curtains for the “sit-up” berthing racks.

Royal Blue is the stock color. Other colors like Hunter Green or Red are available, but minimums apply. To learn more about Gary Manufacturing’s privacy curtains, request a quote today.

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