Occasionally Cruise ships call us because they have odd-shaped or over-sized chairs on their decks and they need custom chair covers for them. Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs

To get the perfect fit, we ask them to ship us a chair. The pictures above show how the chair arrives. (We’ve even had them arrive with no wrapping.)

After we take the measurements, we make a pattern. Then the customer approves the custom sample, and we begin production. When the chairs are covered, and on the deck, in completely transforms the look and feel of that area on the ship, and we find the ships ordering chair covers from us year after year. They order white, ivory and black or navy. You can see all the colors we offer.

If you need custom chair covers, request a quote. If the chair has arms, most likely you will need to ship it to us. UPS or FedEx can get it to us. Usually, it costs around $50-$100 (U.S.) We can send it back when we finish your order.

Need more information on all the products we can manufacture? Call us, we’re happy to help. Toll-free: 1-800-775-0804 or email us: sales@garymanufacturing.com

Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs    Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs