Printed Vinyl Chair Backs are great for getting your name in front of your fans. We did this project recently and the client really loved how it turned out.Printed Vinyl Chair Backs

We used navy blue vinyl and matched the PMS gray color for the logo. We printed both sides so fans could see the name more readily, and we added a snap-in case the fans were tempted to take them home.  Of course, it’s not theft-proof, but it does help keep the printed vinyl chair back on more securely, especially if your crowd is at a game!

Besides a snap for security, customers may request a grommet hole on both sides of the vinyl panel, so a plastic zip tie may be used to secure the cover to the seat.  Of course, after your event you will have the unenviable job of cutting them all off, so be sure you really want this feature!

What was really effective about this branding project was how simple and clean the imprint is. There are no additional taglines and no extra thinking required on the part of the reader. It’s just bold and strong, exactly like the owners of that logo. And this, of course, makes for a great statement from the Navy.

Printed Vinyl chair backs are made from plastic (PVC) so they wipe clean easily, and no one has to put them in a washing machine. In this case, the vinyl used is called Titan and comes in many colors. It is an upholstery grade of vinyl, so very durable, and will look great for decades. They store well in the box we ship them in, and you can pull them out game after game for many, many years.

We’re in San Diego, which is home for many of our boys in blue, so we say, “Go Navy!” Who are you rooting for?