About a year ago, we got a call from a firm that does marketing demos inside grocery stores.

They needed a custom carrying case for their 6′ table and all the accompanying marketing materials. Working together, we designed a case to fit their needs.

Specifically, they needed:

  • The ability to carry a big table easily.
  • The ability to store their marketing materials
  • The ability to look professional, and make set-up a piece of cake!

We decided on a strong material like nylon, added some padding to protect it’s contents, and then based on their demonstrations, designed extra pockets to hold all their materials. We also added an adjustable shoulder strap, so it would be comfortable to carry by a 5′ woman, or a 6′ man.

Above is a pic of what resulted. The firm finally had a solution to carry their tables easily, reduce set-up time by carrying everything at once, and look as slick and professional as the products they were trying to sell.

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