We manufacture a variety of breakaway shower curtains used in prisons, mental health facilities, and hospitals.

Commercial Break Away Shower CurtainsOur breakaway curtains can be ordered in any dimensions you require, but most institutions require stall size curtains, 42” wide.

Our breakaway curtains can be manufactured in vinyl, or if suffocation is a concern, we can manufacture them with a mesh portion at the top and/or bottom.  Alternately we can manufacture them in fabric (cloth), which is breathable.

If you already have a suicide prevention track in the ceiling, consider our breakaway shower curtain with Velcro tabs.  Typically the vertical Velcro tabs hang from the track; they attach to a regular stall size curtain that has a plain strip of Velcro sewn along the top.  Each tab hangs 12” apart, and although this makes the shower curtain sag a little, it prevents the curtain from supporting the patient’s weight.
Alternately, you may order strips of Velcro hook, which attach to the ceiling, as shown here in this video.  It is a simple and effective way to comply with breakaway shower curtain requirements.

As an added precaution, consider adding a clear window at the top (and/or bottom) of the curtain in clear plastic.  This creates a window that allows for easy patient supervision, but still provides privacy.  Our breakaway shower curtains may be ordered with any combination of mesh, window, fabric or vinyl. For more information on this and all the products we produce, contact us today: 1 800 775 0804 or request a quote.

Commercial Break Away Shower Curtains