As a manufacturer of custom industrial sewing products, occasionally we get products out of the norm.

Recently, we had one of those requests; Garry and Ellen from Texas came to us for a hexagon-shaped table cover to fit their outdoor patio table. We make custom-fitted table covers all the time, but have never received a request for one of this shape.

After working with our engineer, our production manager was able to get the calculations to optimize our cutting department so the material waste was minimal. Being a fitted table cover, the hardest part is getting the corners correct. If not, you will have either a table cover that is way too big or one that will not fit. Thanks to perfect cutting, impeccable sewing and a QC team that checks every item leaving our building, we were able to provide a top of the line table cover for our customer.

Once Garry and Ellen received their table cover, they emailed us to express their excitement of the product. “I want to thank all those involved in making our Hexagon table covering. What an outstanding piece of work! You can be rest assured, should anyone ask me where I got this your company will be the first I think of. I will have another order for you in the near future, but I have to finish building it first. Again, thanks for a job well done!”

We take pride in all of our products and truly enjoy receiving feedback like this. If you have a product and don’t know where to start in getting a cover made, we make it simple. Request a quote and tell our team what you are looking for, a drawing if possible, and what type of properties you are wanting in your cover and we will help create a solution that makes sense. We enjoy the challenge of creating new products and look forward to seeing what kind of creations we can help you make next!