We manufacture a wide selection of heavy-duty tablecloths for use in restaurants, catering, events, schools and universities, and more.Heavy Duty Tablecloths for Commercial Use

This particular heavy duty tablecloth we offer is unlike anything else on the market.  We call it Supreme! Supreme Heavy Duty material is good for tablecloths because:
  • It wipes down easily making clean-up a cinch
  • It is very thick and durable meaning it will last many years
  • It always looks brand new, because the colors don’t fade or wear away

Heavy duty vinyl tablecloth in black, brown or burgundy

In a past blog post, we told you all the reasons we love it, including it looks and feels like leather, and it has a soft felt backing for pliability yet strength.  We also told you why the mill loves it, including its protective finish, and it’s 22oz weight.
Our Supreme heavy-duty tablecloths look best in a fitted style.  We’ve written many times about why this style is so good, but the main reason is that when you drape a heavy-duty material over the sides of a table, you want it to hug the sides of the table, and not get in the way of your guests or your servers.  The fitted style gives a very polished look, and while it’s slightly more expensive in terms of production, you get a look that truly transforms a room!
If you decide to order these vinyl table covers in the fitted style as described above, be sure to let us know if your tables have square or rounded corners.  If they are rounded, let us know if it is the Lifetime table, or if it is another table. If it is another table, simply trace the corner’s edge and fax or email us over the shape.  Then we’ll cut the top surface of the cover to the exact shape you send us, which allows for perfect form-fitting covers.
One of our best-selling colors in this amazingly durable material is brown.  It’s a beautiful shade of chocolate brown and is a great neutral for any type of eatery.
Swatch samples of any colors of the material are free.  Just ask us, and we’ll pop one in the mail to you today!