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We Manufacture Berthing Bunk Curtains

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Berthing bunk curtains for ships come in many colors, and have features like black-out lining and cut-outs if needed.  Custom sizes also available.

We Manufacture Berthing Bunk Curtains

We manufacture berthing bunk curtains for ships.  All of our berthing bunk curtains are produced here in the USA at our factory in Chula Vista, California.

One color option for our berthing bunk curtains is Hunter Green Bannox.  This is one of our top-selling colors.  All types of customers purchase this bunk curtain from Navy ships to Coastguard cutters, and anyone else looking for a high-quality, long-lasting commercial grade of berthing bunk curtain for their yachts or boats.

Our Bannox material is also available in Royal Blue and Red.  Other colors can be special ordered.  Bannox is 100% cotton, so it breathes and keeps air flowing in tight or cramped quarters. It also has a very thick weave, so it blocks a almost all of the light.  For complete blackout, liners may be ordered as an extra feature.

One of our customers recently ordered these curtains for their ship. “We are delighted with our new berthing curtains,” she wrote.  The other curtains were cheaply made, and did not provide very good coverage. Your curtains are excellent quality, cover the entire berth, and we appreciate the timely turn-around time.”

The ship ordered our berthing bunk curtains for their entire ship.  They ordered a pair of 2 per bunk, and included a small center Velcro closure to maintain privacy.

Our best pricing is on sets of 72 or more.  The standard size curtain is 45” wide x 22” high, however we can manufacture any size you need.

For more information on this and all the products we produce, contact us today: 1 800 775 0804 or check out http://www.garymanufacturing.com/