We manufacture custom printed equipment covers for many firms in the medical or technology fields.

You may recognize some of the names below.Custom Printed Equipment Covers for Medical

The most successful projects are defined by how fast we can move to the market for our clients. Designing a custom cover can be very tricky, as in most of these cases the client would like a form-fitting cover and something that conveys the identity of the brand.

To get the best result, we always require the client to send a dummy/shell unit so we can get the best fit and the best outcome. It also cuts down on multiple iterations of sample design and production.   And in the case of Cook Medical, we created a design that would never have been conceived without the unit on hand.  Having a piece of dummy equipment is key!

What follows is a brief description of what kind of dust cover we manufacture for a few of our clients:

1. Abbot Labs, (also known as AMO):

  •  Medium-sized vinyl (plastic) dust cover for the White Star machine.  It is manufactured in white vinyl film, and custom printed with the Abbot Labs 2-color logo.
  •  Larger-sized 420 denier white nylon dust cover for the Wavescan machine.  It has an embroidered logo on the outside.

2. GenMark Diagnostics:

  • Medium-sized dust cover for the xxmslmfl machine.  It is manufactured in a silver 210 denier nylon, and custom printed with the GenMark Logo.

3. Cook Medical:

  • Small vinyl dust cover for a medical laser system.  It’s made from anti-static vinyl.  In prototype development, there was no need for anti-static, but as soon as the cover was tested, it resulted in a few shock cases, so Cook opted to produce in anti-static.

4. Pratt and Whitney:

  • Extra-large dust covers for the “Supermike”.  Manufactured in frosty clear vinyl in 4 different sizes for the same machine.

If your firm requires a cover for some of your product lines, please contact us, for a prototype and pricing. As you can see, our expertise and material selection can suit the needs of many different clients.  And the best part is all of these custom printed dust covers are manufactured here in the USA.

Small pleats on corners allow for wider girth in lower portion of cover, but still give fitted look at top.

Custom Printed Equipment Covers for Medical