We manufacture equipment covers for medical, industrial and commercial applications, made from vinyl, nylon or polyester.

Equipment covers for commercial use

One such cover we recently made was for a client who manufactures wipes for make-up removal, or cleaning. They recently required some new covers for their material inventory.

The custom covers we made make it easier to cover the sleeves (rather than a large, cumbersome drop-cloth), have a good aesthetic value, but most importantly, prevent contamination in the storage environment and limit potential bacterial growth. The covers, or “sleeves “ as our client calls them, are used as a pattern in the production of hygienic wipes and overall cleanliness in the plant and equipment is an important factor.

For this application, we manufactured covers made from 300/600 denier nylon, which has a pvc (vinyl) coating on the inside. This coating prevents water and condensation from forming on the underside. It is also very durable and perfect for manufacturing environments. The covers are in the exact shape of their sleeves, which is a custom, fitted style. We were able to manufacture them because our client provided us with a drawing.

We manufacture all kinds of equipment and inventory dust covers. We recently did a project to cover safety rails, and a nylon custom cover for Black and Decker’s workroom.

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Equipment Covers for Commercial Use Made from Vinyl, Nylon or Polyester