Black and Decker needed a custom dust cover for one of their internal departments.

Custom Nylon Dust CoversThe item to be covered was a sample cutter table in their design workroom. Their workroom has a lot of dust, and they wanted to protect the equipment. The table is 10 ft long, 8 ft wide and 3 ft high. It also has a movable piece on the top, which made for an odd shape.

They contacted us with the dimensions of the table and sent along photographs for the pattern to be made. Because it was such a large piece, with many other features, they sent a CAD drawing also. We quoted the job and gave them a couple of material options: including polyester and nylon. They chose the nylon, which is a 210 denier, very strong but light, and has a thin plastic coating that is effective for keeping the dust from getting through the fabric to the equipment underneath.

We added a zipper to one corner, so it could be more easily removed and put back on by one person working in the design workroom. We also used nylon thread for extra strength (rather than cotton.) You can see the final result of their nylon dust cover here.

We can make custom nylon dust covers for almost any type of indoor equipment, fixture or other devices.

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