We get a lot of requests for information on how to clean and care for our heavy duty vinyl table covers.

We have previously discussed how durable they are, and how they transform a room. Today we thought we’d discuss how to care for them. Proper cleaning our heavy duty vinyl table covers ensures long-lasting use.

Tip #1: Use mild soap and water, not bleach! Using bleach-based products will dry out the plastic/vinyl, so use a grease cutter like Greenworks, Formula 409 or Fantastick.

Tip #2: Use non-abrasive cleaners. Those three cleaners mentioned above are all non-abrasive. Our Supreme heavy-duty vinyl has a prefix finish, which is easily cleaned. It is also oil and mildew resistant, so cleaning it is simple.

Tip #3: For those of you serving delicious ribs, burgers, fries, and other greasy foods, we recommend using a solvent-type cleaner as needed. A solvent is rubbing alcohol which you can buy at the drug-store (isopropyl alcohol). Simply put some on a soft cloth, and wipe over your table surfaces. Dry it with another cloth, and rinse with clean water, and dry.

Tip #4: If your customers accidentally write on the heavy-duty table cover, and you have a pen mark, apply some nail polish remover right away. Just six (6!) rubs will remove the mark. If it doesn’t, the ink has likely set, and may not be capable of being removed. For that reason, we recommend you choose darker color covers, or have all checks signed at the cash register, not the table.

For more information on our heavy-duty vinyl table covers, and all the products we produce, contact us today: 1 800 775 0804 or request a quote with us today.