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Make a Statement with Chair Caps

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Chair Caps are a great way of marketing your company or a simple way to make a big statement!

Here at Gary Manufacturing we can produce custom chair caps for any type of chair. Whether they are meant to be used at a corporate event, concert or football game, we can produce the exact chair cap you need. One of the great things about our chair caps is that we have two options, a completely custom and fitted chair cap or a universal chair cap. Our fitted and custom chair caps are exactly as they sound, they are fitted and shaped to fit your exact chair. This is a great option for those strange looking chairs that have odd shapes, but will also look great on a more basic shaped chair, such as a folding chair.

The Universal Chair Cap is a great option for those who want to reuse the chair cap on numerous types of chairs. Keep in mind, our chair caps are always meant to be reused, but the universal chair cap option will allow you to use it on all kinds of chairs, unlike the custom chair cap that will be made specifically for one chair. Both options look great and can be made with add-ons such as a printed or embroidered logo and clear or fabric pockets.

We offer a variety of materials to meet your exact needs. Between vinyl, polyester and nylon materials we are sure to have just the right color and material choice you need. In order to get a quote, all we need from you are the measurements of your chair back, a photo of the chair itself (for the shape) and an idea of what material you had in mind. We will take care of the rest and make recommendations as we see fit. What statement do you want to make at your next event?

Get your measuring tape ready and give us a call! We are ready to take on your next project!

Make a Statement with Chair Caps