Your RV is like a home away from home. Shouldn’t it be furnished with the same comforts? At Gary Manufacturing we can help you achieve that look with our full line of custom-made, pleated RV windshield drapes and non-pleated privacy and window curtains by Coach Coordinates.

Are your drapes outdated?  Do you need an interior update?  Do you have water stains from condensation?  Call 800-775-0804 or email We can provide brand new drapes to keep you rolling in style!

Our drapes and curtains provide more than just privacy from outside.  They can be used to separate sleeping areas and bunks, create new living spaces or hide a messy closet.  Our Therma-foam liner blocks most sun-light and insulates, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Our lux Turin fabric is available in six beautiful, earth-tone colors.  This faux silk fabric passes NFPA 701 and MVSS-302 fire retardant tests and offers an instant decorative element to your motorhome.  Stucco, a light, neutral-tan color is our best seller. For the most light-blocking effect chose a deep, dark-chocolate color like Lodge. Swatch cards are free, just Call 800-775-0804 or email to request one today!


Our new style of pin-hook and carriers allow the drapes to be removed for dry cleaning.  We install a steel drapery pin-hook into each pleat which then slides into the carrier opening.  Your new drapes come ready to hang right out of the box!  Simply select the carrier you currently use, and we will send the appropriate upgrade.  Glide-Tape and Snap-Tape options are also available for tracks that work without hooks.


Custom RV drapes are easy to order, and the price is based on the overall size.  We will need your width and length measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Simply stretch a ribbon tape measure along the track from left to right, for the driver and passenger widths.  Some RV’s require a 3rd center panel.  Next measure from the base of the installed track to where you want the bottom of the drape to fall for the length.

Once you have your measurements and know which color you’d like, Call 800-775-0804 or email with your forms to place your order.  We will confirm all details with you and send your order straight to production.  Your custom drapes ship within 2 weeks.


  • Be sure to take individual measurements for each panel; Do not assume they will be exactly the same. This is true for both the width and length.
  • Note we are asking for track widths, and not finished drape widths. We know exactly how much to add for pleats and fullness.  We typically add 6” to 8” inches per panel for fullness.
  • Only drape length can be taken from existing panel, this measurement is fixed and will not change.

Click the links below for measuring details and order forms:

We are proud to offer you custom RV drapes and curtains by Coach Coordinates to spruce up your home away from home. Call 800-775-0804 or email to discuss your new drapes today!