In the last 10 years, Gary Manufacturing has been able to achieve excellent success in the custom bag industry.  Every request we get for a custom bag or custom cover is an opportunity to hone our skills in sales, production, and the manufacturing process.

Recently, a Midwest lighting company contacted us to produce a carry bag for an expensive light fixture.  This bag needed to cradle the specialty display equipment as well as house the sales reps’ notes and tools for use while on an outside sales call.  They had tried off-the-shelf products but due to the odd shape of the item, they realized the only solution was a bag that was custom designed specifically for their purposes.

Our custom sales expert was able to use her knowledge and experience to guide them through the front-end process seamlessly.  The lighting company sent us the fixture so we could design a bag that fit perfectly and functioned as needed.  We used 600/300 Denier Nylon for a durable solution as well as foam padding to protect the fragile piece of equipment.  We used heavy duty zips and removable clips to create a shoulder strap that was adjustable.  Adding the secure carry handle to the top of the bag was important to the customer so we made sure it was properly reinforced to handle the weight of the contents.

Our production team was able to turn the sample around within the week.  See the image below for the completed product;

Our customer was thrilled with the finished design and quality product we were able to produce for them.  They ordered 12 units right away and have subsequently placed orders for 48 more bags, all with printed logos to keep their branding at the forefront of their customers’ minds.  They have also asked us to design three other lighting fixture sales rep bags and have sent their sister company to us for other custom products.

At Gary Manufacturing we love putting the pieces of the puzzle together for our clients.  We design and manufacture with quality as a top priority.  We also are very conscious to keep costs down creating an affordable and durable product that meets your needs.

We’d like to hear from you.  Call or email us for a quote on your custom bag or custom cover needs.