We manufacture stretch chair covers made from Lycra.

Spandex Stretch chair covers

They are very durable because they have 20% Lycra in them. (Lycra, by Dupont is the brand name for Spandex.) 20% Lycra means the stretch factor is high, and they will not loose their shape easily with proper care.

Besides their long-lasting stretch, the reason our customers really like them is that the foot slips on easily to a nylon webbing sock. Nylon webbing is very durable. It is the same material that auto seat belts are made of. This is helpful because sometimes the foot of a chair can be missing its own foot component, and the bottom leg can be quite sharp.

Then, when you slip on the cover and slide the sock over the foot of the chair, it cuts through the fabric. However, because our sock is made from nylon webbing, it slides on easily and does not cut it. This will give you much better durability, and your covers will last longer if the sock is hard-wearing. We made a short video showing how easily the foot of the chair slips in the sock of the stretch chair cover.

Additionally, the cut of our chair cover is generous, so it fits all stacking banquet chairs. Our cover does not require an additional band to keep the seat in place. The bands are available as a color accent, but they are not necessary. For more information on our stretch chair covers, request a quote.