There are a couple of ways to store your chair covers, but one way is to simply fold them, and put them back into the box they came in for storage purposes.

We have made a simple video to show you how to re-fold them the exact way we send them to you. This method is simple, and once you get the hang of it, you will always want to fold them this way as it helps minimize the fold lines in the skirt if you plan on storing them a while.

Folding 100+ chair covers is not easy work, so make sure you give yourself adequate space; clear off enough room on the surface so that you can work efficiently. Also work at table or counter that is a good height for your body. This minimizes the impact to your back.

Alicia, who manages our QA and Shipping, demonstrates how to fold a chair cover in the video here.

This technique works on regular chair covers and folding chair covers. They ship in an individual plastic bag, which can be re-used and then simply layer them all back in the boxes we ship them in. The bag around each one provides a slight cushion, when storing them, and this also helps minimize fold lines. Store the boxes in a dry area, one on top of the other. You will fit about 50 per box.

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UPDATE: this video gets a lot of hits, so I just thought I’d add that the other way to store chair covers is to buy rolling racks, and using clip hangers, hang them.  Usually, you can fit a few per hanger.