We manufacture high quality wholesale plastic tablecloths, right here in the USA.Wholesale Plastic Tablecloths

And the plastic tablecloth fabric is made in the USA too. These are good old-fashioned, flannel-backed plastic tablecloths – just like the kind your mother had! Only now they come in colors she only dreamed about, like rich chocolate brown and deep burgundy red. Or maybe she was dreaming of a lovely Dutch Blue…..

Wholesale plastic tablecloths should be stain resistant, oil-resistant, and mildew resistant. Ours are! We use upholstery grade vinyl that has a pre-fix finish, making wipe downs fast and easy. The durable material is soft and pliable too, which allows for struggle-free folding when not in use.

Our plastic tablecloths are great for restaurants, hotels, country clubs, event planners, and more – they hold up beautifully to repeated use and are a breeze to clean. And since these tablecloths are water-resistant plastic, they are great for either indoor or outdoor use. Also – they look fantastic! Our customers!

We know there are plenty of wholesale plastic tablecloths out there to choose from. We take pride in making sturdy, durable, attractive table coverings that will provide your customers with years of use. Mom would be proud.

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