For more than 15 years, we’ve been manufacturing ivory chair covers for regular stacking banquet chairs, and folding chairs.

We offer a few different fabric options in ivory, all of which have similar benefits.Ivory Chair Covers for Sale

The first option is our best-seller: Premier polyester in Ivory. This fabric has the look and feel of cotton, but the performance of polyester, which means the wrinkle factor is low, low, low. The ivory color is much like vanilla ice-cream and looks very creamy in sunlight. The fabric has a soil-release finish.

The second option is our Ivory Poplin chair cover, which is also polyester, so it has the same great performance options as above, but it is softer looking, and a little more cost-conscious. This ivory color is a little warmer than the option above.

The last option is our Ivory Satin chair cover. Our satin is also polyester, so the same great features of low wrinkle factor, and easy care. However, in the case of satin chair covers we have 3 color shades:

  • Vanilla Cream which is very light in color;
  • Ivory which is medium cream color;
  • And lastly, Café Latte (shown above), which is a deeper shade of ivory, and very similar to your favorite coffee drink!

The Café Latte satin is our best seller to country clubs, hotels, and caterers who want a richer, deeper color that is a little more cutting edge. It is a great neutral, and goes well with turquoise, chocolate, or pink or lime accents!

Ivory Chair Covers for Sale

We are happy to send swatch samples of all Ivory fabric options we use to manufacture chair covers. They’re free! Just ask.1 800 775 0804 or request a quote.