clear plastic safety curtainsDuring the COVID pandemic many industries have been hit hard, none more so than the restaurant industry. With restrictions easing slowly across the globe, many businesses are discovering new ways to operate safely for both their customers and their employees.

Social distancing, restructured floor plans, and masks are some of the policies set in place for restaurants that have reopened. Offering seating surrounded by a clear anti-bacterial vinyl shower curtain has proven effective in several establishments. Clear Curtains as part of your safety guidelines will give your customers an engineered physical barrier of protection while still maintaining an open and welcoming feel.

At Gary Manufacturing in San Diego, CA, we have been making clear vinyl curtains for over 60 years. We offer custom sizes including extra-wide and extra-long curtains. Customization includes constructing curtains with grommet holes, buttonholes, Velcro or snaps so you have many options for installing.

For a quick fix, we suggest sticking Velcro to the ceiling or wall and then ordering curtains with Velcro sewn on as the header. Call or email us today to discuss your facilities lay-out. We can help you design a solution that gets your customers back in the door safely.

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