We manufacture custom covers using antistatic vinyl film.Antistatic Vinyl Film for Custom Dust Covers

The antistatic PVC material can be used for dust covers, drum covers, equipment covers, rack covers and more.

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In areas of high humidity, there is no need for antistatic properties. But in dry, low humidity environments, static build-up occurs. Our antistatic covers reduce or eliminate the charge within the environment, and protect your equipment, electronics, and computers. The antistatic features of this vinyl are controlled via the embossed surface of the vinyl film. It mitigates the static electric charge in the air surrounding your product when you place the cover over it.

The antistatic vinyl film is 6 mil thick, (medium weight,) and is soft, but extremely durable. Its transparency is frosty clear, meaning it’s see-through, but not crystal clear. It’s ideal for rack/equipment covers because you may still monitor the components underneath the antistatic cover.

We do not really have a minimum order on antistatic custom covers, however, all costs are based on quantity ordered.

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