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Chair Back Covers That Say, CHAIR RESERVED or Anything Else for That Matter!

Another great Chair Back Covers Project!

Chair Back Covers

Shadow Hills Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV needed some “Chair Reserved” chair back covers for their chairs in their church. They have a special section they need to set aside for special guests sometimes, so having a designated seating area using chair back covers is a good idea.

They selected our Half Cap chair back covers which can be made from cloth or plastic, and printed their logo and messaging on it. Their artwork was created by someone on their staff who integrated the “reserved” word into it. They sent us the artwork, and we gave them a quote based on the amount of chairs, the size of the cover, and the imprint colors.

These printed chair back covers will fit almost all folding chairs, and some stacking chairs too. We can modify them to fit thicker custom chairs if needed. Just call us and let us know what kind of chair you have. We have many fabrics to choose from, like satin, and they can be embroidered instead of printed, if you prefer.

To get a quote, we will need the quantity, the style of chair back cover you need, and your artwork. If you don’t have the artwork yet, that’s ok, just let us know how many colors it is, and what size the imprint is going to be. You have about a 10”x 5” space on a Half Cap and 10” x 10” on a Full Cap.

The message can be anything you need from sports teams, sales promotions, advertising, or events. The most successful message or logos are very simple, and no more than three words. “Go Team” or “VIP Only” are good examples.

Reserving a section of seating by adding chair back covers is a great way to remind your guests you care about their needs.

Clear Plastic Tablecloths for Restaurants

Our clear plastic film is an evergreen seller for us. It’s used for a variety of applications like bags, pouches or shower curtains, but a lot of customers purchase it to cover linen tablecloths because it is great protection against spills and drips on to the tablecloths below.

Clear Plastic Tablecloths for Restaurants

It’s a great option for restaurants that want to provide a linen look, but don’t necessarily have the time to wash their linens. It’s also helpful for clients who need to keep their water bills low because it means less washing. Of course, our customers could also just purchase our vinyl plastic table covers, but for some, that is not the look they’re going for.

Our customers buy it on the roll, and then cut it to the size they require. It is 6 gauge (.006), meaning it is quite thick and durable but still soft and pliable. Most of the other clear plastic on the market is (.004 or worse, .002 gauge) which means it is much thinner and less long-wearing.

They buy it on the roll in lengths of 25 yards, 50 yards or 100 It’s called Double Polished Crystal Clear Vinyl.

To clean it, simply wipe it with a sponge. We recommend a mild grease cutter like Formula 409 or Dr. Bronners castile soaps.

To learn more about our double polished crystal clear vinyl, or any of our other great products we manufacture, call us. We’re happy to help. Toll-free: 1-800-775-0804 or email us:

Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs

Occasionally Cruise ships call us because they have odd-shaped or over-sized chairs on their decks and they need custom chair covers for them. Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs

To get the perfect fit, we ask them to ship us a chair. The pictures above show how the chair arrives. (We’ve even had them arrive with no wrapping.)

After we take the measurements, we make a pattern. Then the customer approves the custom sample, and we begin production. When the chairs are covered, and on the deck, in completely transforms the look and feel of that area on the ship, and we find the ships ordering chair covers from us year after year. They order white, ivory and black or navy. You can see all the colors we offer.

If you need custom chair covers, request a quote. If the chair has arms, most likely you will need to ship it to us. UPS or FedEx can get it to us. Usually, it costs around $50-$100 (U.S.) We can send it back when we finish your order.

Need more information on all the products we can manufacture? Call us, we’re happy to help. Toll-free: 1-800-775-0804 or email us:

Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs    Custom Chair Covers for Outdoor Plastic Chairs

Equipment Covers for Medical Industries

Medical equipment covers come in many shapes and sizes when they’re custom made.

Medical equipment covers

Our core competency is sewing: industrial sewing, commercial sewing, contract sewing – however you describe it, it’s what we have been doing for more than 50 years. Our consistent quality, excellent customer service, and fast product turn-around time are why firms in the healthcare industry select us to manufacture their medical equipment covers.

Medical equipment covers are typically outsourced by medical and pharmaceutical firms who are not sewers themselves and need us to produce the covers for their product lines.  Essentially we are a sub-contractor for larger medical equipment firms which need our sewing services.

Our medical equipment covers are custom-designed and produced, and depend on the requirements of the medical firm’s product line.  That said, a popular fabric choice for medical equipment covers is white or silver nylon as it’s very durable, does not wrinkle, and supports the polished look medical brands require.  It also embroiders well with a brand logo.  And it can be washed by the end user who may be covering medical equipment used by doctors, veterinarians, or nurses

We have written about some medical equipment cover customers and their projects in the past, and this has resulted in even more firms contacting us for their project needs.  If you give us a call, we’ll need to know some of the following answers to help your project be successful:

  1. Is this a brand new medical equipment cover, or is it already being produced?
  2. If it is already being produced, can you send us a current sample for accurate costing?
  3. If it is a new cover, can you ship us the actual medical equipment so we can make a pattern and a sample cover? This allows for as perfect a fit as possible. The equipment does not have to be in working condition.

For more information on our medical equipment covers and all the products we produce, contact us today:  1 800 775 0804 or request a quote.