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  1. Surviving 2020; Being an Essential Business During a Global Pandemic

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    “There were times when we didn’t know if we were going to be able to weather this, but it has been interesting to see the business flex and shift where we need to, to keep ourselves viable.” – Andrea Beagle, Office Manager.

    2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, Gary Manufacturing included. Learning that we are among a few lucky businesses’s considered to be essential, Gary Manufacturing is navigating the COVID waters and striving to come out on the other side with strengths we didn’t know we had prior to this year.

    March 19, 2020, was the day California Governor Newsom announced a state-wide shutdown, restricting all non-essential businesses to close in an attempt to fight the rapid growth of COVID-19. That evening the management staff had to make phone calls to all employees that the company would remain closed for an unforeseen amount of time.

    After being closed for one business day, several key essential customers requested that we stay open as we were one of their essential suppliers. The team at Gary was thrilled to be considered an essential business. Being able to bring employees back to work immediately was a great source of pride for us, however, it felt risky not knowing what was coming next.

    First order of business was safety. Shifting from a close-knit group to a more individualized setting was a hard, but necessary change for the Gary staff to make. In addition to splitting lunch and break shifts, we created clear barriers and socially distanced workstations. Daily temperature and welfare checks were implemented in the mornings before reporting to work.

    There have been many difficulties along the way but maintaining employee safety has been the main priority. Not all employees felt comfortable returning to work right away. Temporary workers were hired and trained. Extra communication with customers was needed to be able to produce essential products in a timely manner. Gary Manufacturing has been building strong relationships with both clients and vendors for many years. During this time, we have relied heavily on those relationships to see us through.

    From a Human Resources point of view, navigating constant changes in regulations and staying compliant has been one of the hardest parts of the year. At the start of the pandemic, no one really knew what was going to happen. Federal guidelines have changed many times, keeping up with that no easy task, but as an essential business, it was now our job to make sure we could safely remain open.

    Even though it has been a struggle, there have been many positives for the business. Gary Manufacturing has learned that it was more adaptable than we ever knew. Being able to end the year with the doors open and to provide a stable job for her employees has been Kerri Smith’s, General Manager, proudest accomplishment of 2020.

    Gary has been able to adapt both internally with staff and externally in their product offerings. Utilizing technology for virtual meetings, working from home when possible, and reducing contact with others on-site has been imperative to stay safe.

    Gary Manufacturing evolved our shower curtain line to include barrier curtains for pop-up hospitals, restaurants, or anywhere that needs to offer protective barriers between people.

    Since learning of its essentiality, Gary Manufacturing is looking forward to continuing growth in these essential sectors of the economy:

    • Medical
    • Technology
    • Transportation          
    • Communication
    • Sanitation
    • Construction

    Gary Manufacturing recognizes that very few businesses have been lucky enough to remain open during COVID and is thankful for the continued support of our customers and the hard work of the staff. We look forward to continuing to bring quality products and superior customer service in 2021 and beyond.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions – Shower Curtains

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    Gary Manufacturing supplies a variety of vinyl and fabric shower curtains. Industries we supply are; gyms, prisons, corporate facilities, hospitals, colleges, and cruise ships.

    Our curtains are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Gary Manufacturing is known for our consistent quality, fast-turnaround, and excellent customer service.


    Q: Do you have a standard size?

    A: We offer standard sizes to fit basic needs. We specialize in extra-long and extra-wide shower curtains.

    Standard sizes can include:









    Q: How do you hang the shower curtains?

    A: Our shower curtains come with grommets or buttonholes to fit standard shower curtain rings or hooks. We also offer various headers, including Velcro to attached to ceiling or wall and rod pockets or fold over when bars are in use, but hooks are not allowed.

    Q: Do your shower curtains come with hooks?

    A: Our shower curtains do not come with hooks, but we do offer standard metal shower curtain rings for an additional charge.

    Q: What materials do you offer?

    A: We offer a variety of vinyls and fabrics to fit your needs. Please contact us with your need and we will recommend the best solution for you. Our most popular vinyls are the Sure-Chek Linen vinyl from Herculite and our 10g Pebble. Our most popular fabric is the Shower Shield.

    Q: Do you offer printed shower curtains?

    A: We may be able to print your logo or design on our curtains. Please call to discuss the project and minimums. https://www.garymanufacturing.com/request-for-quote/

    Q: Are your shower curtains washable?

    A: Our fabric shower curtains are machine washable; our vinyl shower curtains are recommended to wipe down with warm, soapy water.

    Q: Do you offer breakaway shower curtains?

    A: We offer two different breakaway options. We can make your curtains with a Velcro strip along the top to attach to a system you have in place. Our second option is a fold-over option that will fold the curtain over your rod and attach to itself with Velcro or snaps.

    Q: Are your shower curtains certified?

    A: We have various materials that will meet your certification needs.

    We have options for the following:

    • Prop 65
    • NFPA 701
    • Flame Resistant
    • Stain Resistant
    • Antistatic
    • Odor Resistant
    • Antimicrobial/Anti-bacterial
    • Breathable

    We are also able to meet construction requirements for:

    • PREA
    • Anti-Ligature
    • Breakaway
    • See Through

    Q: What customization do you offer?

    A: Customization is available depending on the requirements of the application. Clients may request the addition of hospital mesh, clear windows, or weights and magnets to meet regulatory standards.

    Q: Are your shower curtains American made?

    A: Our shower curtains are produced out of our factory in National City, California.

  3. GaryWear; Distributor Highlight

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    During the last 60 years, Gary Manufacturing has built relationships with distributors across the United States, as well as internationally. All of our distributors offer a variety of quality, reusable products to meet your incontinence needs. With distributors in 10 different states as well as England, Germany, and Australia we are confident you can find a distributor to assist you with purchasing from our GaryWear product line. Here we have highlighted two of their stories.

    Since 1997 LL Medico has been distributing the full GaryWear product line, making them one of our longest-standing distributors for incontinence products. Heather and Alex have been a part of the family business since the company was created 25 years ago. The company started in Pennsylvania with all reusable products but steadily began including disposable products due to customer demand. Heather and Alex are proud that the company has been able to stay a family-owned business and appreciate the opportunity to assist customers and answer questions. For a full list of LL Medico’s product offering visit their site: www.llmedico.com

    Protex Medical in Texas has been a distributor of GaryWear products since early 2002. They began as a small company selling vinyl and rubber diaper covers in 1994. Over the years the company steadily expanded to include the entire GaryWear line, as well as disposable diapers, mattress pads, training pants, and diaper pins. Matt and Allison purchased Protex just over a year ago when the original owner was ready to retire. Matt had spent years working with Protex developing their website and during this time he built an affinity for the business. Matt and Allison are happy to help customers and answer their questions. For a full list of Protex Medical’s product offerings visit their site: www.myprotex.com

    At Gary Manufacturing, we are always looking for qualified distributors to partner with. If you are interested in becoming a distributor at Gary Manufacturing, we ask that you follow a couple of easy steps:

    • Email us at sales@garymanufacturing.com and tell us a little about your company
    • Review Distributor Requirements
    • Fill out our Distributor Application

    At Gary, we vet all requests to partner to make sure the potential distributor is qualified and able to meet the needs of the end-user.

    Our distributors are all qualified to care for customers and answer all their questions.

    To find the distributor near you please access our full list here: https://www.garymanufacturing.com/our-distributors/

  4. GaryWear Active Brief; Developing an Essential Solution to a Universal Problem

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    Over 25 million people in the United States have experienced incontinence at some time in their lives. Many of these people are leading busy, active lives when they suddenly have a difficult new problem to manage.

    Incontinence can happen when you cough, laugh, sneeze, or jog. Bladder control problems are very common, especially among our growing senior population. It usually doesn’t cause major health problems but can be embarrassing and difficult to manage. Without proper treatment and quality incontinence products, it can diminish one’s dignity, confidence, and social function.

    Gary Manufacturing has been producing quality incontinence products for 30 years. In 2011, Gary Manufacturing listened to our customers and created the GaryWear Active Brief to create a comfortable and discreet extra layer of protection — for confidence around the clock.

    Recently I sat down with Gary Manufacturing’s General Manager, Kerri Smith, to learn more about the process of creating the Active Brief.

    After more than a year of market research, the Gary team learned that many people with incontinence felt like they did not have a reliable solution for their incontinence issues that fit with their very active daily lives. The Active Brief was developed to provide security and take the onus out of needing to wear an absorbent product every day. These briefs look like regular underwear and offer security from leaks while performing everyday tasks such as going to the gym, the office, and running errands.


    While all aspects of this project were produced in-house, Kerri and her team did hire outside services to create the perfect fit as well as assist with professional packaging and marketing materials.

    Design, construction, and sizing was a huge factor in the Active Brief development. We learned that it was vital the elastic at the leg be a tight fit to make it a real solution to the leakage problem.

    During the development of the Active Brief we accomplished two major goals that we set out to achieve; customer satisfaction and continued brand recognition.

    The GaryWear Active Brief has helped our customers not to feel embarrassed for having a very normal medical condition. The product continues to receive 5-star reviews from users on a consistent basis.

    Since the release of the Active Brief, Gary Manufacturing has solidified our brand awareness within the global incontinence community. In addition to distributors throughout the United States, Gary is sold worldwide with distributors in Germany, England and Australia.

    If you, or someone you love, are ready to try the GaryWear Active Brief, please reach out to one of our distributors to place your order: https://www.garymanufacturing.com/our-distributors/

  5. Rack Covers; Another Industrial Cover Offering from Gary Manufacturing

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    Gary Manufacturing produces all sizes of rack covers to protect, organize, and brand your industrial shelving.  Our rack covers come with two heavy-duty zips on the front and includes ties at the top for rolling up and securing the front section allowing easy access to equipment. We can also add options such as grommets to secure the cover with chain, pockets for documentation, or embroidery/silkscreen for stand-out branding. Custom rack cover closedWe typically produce these covers in our 10 oz or 18 oz reinforced vinyl, Banna, Premier, a poly-cotton blended fabric, or our nylons that we stock in a multitude of colors and strengths.

    Three important benefits of adding Rack Covers to your facility:

    Custom Rack CoversProtection – Our custom-made rack covers are able to protect your rack and its contents from dust, wind, and humidity.

    Organization – An organized work area is one of the most important factors in getting through daily operations with efficiency. Our rack covers provide a clean, organized look for your office or factory.

    Branding – We offer silkscreen, embroidery, and direct UV printing on any rack cover. We work with local vendors to print your logo offering instant brand recognition at a time when company identity is everything.

    Getting started on your custom rack cover order is easy.  All we need to get started is;

    • Length x Width x Height measurement of rack
    • Material and color preference
    • Camera-ready art


    Call or email us to speak with an expert regarding your project.  sales@garymanufacturing.com or 619-429-4479

  6. Gary Table Covers: How to Clean and Disinfect

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    Gary Manufacturing has been offering custom vinyl table covers and fabric tablecloths for over 30 years. Here is a guide on how to clean and disinfect your covers based on what material you have ordered.  These instructions will help extend the life of your cover ensuring your space always looks and feels inviting and clean.

    Vinyl Table Covers

    We use quality vinyl’s that withstand heavy use. Your table cover is likely made from one of the following materials; Supreme, Titan, and Concept.  They are vinyl topped materials with a flannel or knit backing.

    To remove ordinary dirt and smudges, use mild soap and warm water (non-abrasive cleaners only; 409 is good. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is recommended).  Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel.

    Many stains can be removed with the following steps:

    • Use non-abrasive household cleaners such as Formula 409 or Fantastik with water and a soft cloth.
    • Use a solvent-type cleaner such as rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) liberally applied with a soft cloth. Dry area with another cloth, rinse with clean water and dry.
    • Use a small amount of strong active solvent cleaners such as nail polish remover (acetone/water) applied with a soft cloth.  The stain should be removed with six rubs.  If stain persists after 6 rubs, the stain has probably set, and may not be capable of being removed.  Please be aware that this method may damage the finish on your table cover.  We do not recommend using such harsh manners of cleaning our covers.

    Fabric Tablecloths

    We offer 2 choice materials for tablecloths, Premier and Poplin. Both are 100% polyester and stain-resistant.

    Premier – Our premier fabric is spun polyester with a “cotton-like look and feel”.

    Poplin – Our poplin fabric is a lightweight poly with a sheen.

    For laundering purposes:

    • Wash in cold water
    • Tumble dry low, remove promptly
    • Use a cool iron for wrinkles
  7. Custom Printed Military Table Covers

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    Conveniently located in San Diego, near several military bases, Gary Manufacturing is proud to work with our military offering table and chair covers for Officer and Enlisted Mess Halls.

    Each cover is custom, made to your exact specifications.

    We offer heavy-duty, knit or flannel backed vinyl table covers in a variety of colors for fitted or drape styles.  These covers can be easily wiped clean to ensure a germ-free eating environment and protect the longevity of the table underneath.

    Add your Logo…

    Unlike silkscreen printing of the past, we offer UV direct digital print. Add your command or battalion crest using the ultraviolet, direct print method.  This prints directly onto the cover, using light to cure the ink instantly, leaving a vivid, long-lasting impression of your command for many years to come.


    What we need to get started…


    Cover Style – Fitted or drape

    Length of drop, 4-8 inches

    Length x Width measurement of table-top

    Material choice and color

    Titan (leather-like)

    Supreme (suede-like)

    Camera ready art – Sized and Colored in Vector Format

    Call us today for a free swatch  samples and a quote!

  8. Stock Materials for Clear Vinyl Curtains

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    Gary Manufacturing offers clear vinyl industrial curtains in a variety of different materials to fit the needs of your project. Here are 5 of the most versatile solutions we offer.  Our five most popular choices for clear vinyl include:

    6g or 10g Crystal Clear PVC Film – A clear film that allows for full visibility and light penetration.

    Recommended Uses: Shower curtains, windows in custom bags and covers, pockets on promotional chair caps, doors on rack covers, room dividers, and protective barriers.




    Frosty Clear PVC Film – A partially opaque film that allows for light penetration and some visibility.

    Recommended Uses:  Rack covers, shower curtains, and custom covers.



    6g Clear Parquet – An embossed clear film that allows for visibility and light penetration while still maintaining some privacy.

    Recommended Uses: Shower curtains.






    12oz Clear Banna – A heavy duty supported frosty clear film with interior scrim that allows partial

    light penetration and visibility.

    Recommended Uses: Rack covers, custom covers, and custom bags.



    Sure-Chek – A hospital-ready reinforced clear film with interior scrim that includes antimicrobial, anti-static, and flame-resistant properties.

    Recommended Uses: Shower curtains, rack covers, cart covers, custom covers, and cubicle curtains.





    Our vinyl curtains may include water-repellent, fire retardant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. They are easy to maintain and come in different thicknesses. Customers can also choose between REACH-compliant or Prop 65-compliant vinyl varieties.

    Call us today at 1-800-775-0804 or email sales@garymanufacturing.com to discuss your project with our expert sales team.


  9. Safely Made in the USA; Gary Manufacturing Responds to COVID.

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    As an essential manufacturing company supplying the medical, sanitation, technology and military industries, we have had the privilege of continuing to serve our customers through this unprecedented time.  As a response to the world-wide pandemic COVID19, Gary Manufacturing is following the CDC guidelines and has established a Seven-Point Safety Plan to ensure our workspace is a safe environment for all our valued staff members.

    • Employee Screenings – Every morning employees are screened before entering the building. Screening includes a respiratory questionnaire and temperature check.  Employees with respiratory symptoms or a fever over 100.0 are sent home.
    • Employee Training – We have regular meetings with staff to go over COVID symptoms and what precautions to take including wearing masks and practicing safe physical distancing. Signage in all areas of the factory to remind employees how to stay safe.
    • Mandatory Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – As a sewing company we have had the luxury of producing our own cloth masks for all employees. Additionally, paper masks and latex gloves are available to all.
    • Physical Distancing – Markings have been placed on floor to keep employees 6 feet apart at the time clock and in the kitchen. Plastic partitions have been installed between workstations where 6ft separation was not physically possible. We have also shifted from one to two morning break periods and two lunch periods to minimize how many employees are using the facilities at the same time.
    • Enhanced Sanitation – All common areas are sanitized after each break and at the end of the day. Workstations are cleaned at a minimum once daily and always between uses by different employees. Our facility is cleaned by an outside company with hospital-grade cleaners once a week. Hand sanitizer has been placed at high-use areas to increase hand cleanliness and signage encouraging hand washing is throughout factory.
    • Air quality – Big bay doors are opened during business hours and fans are kept running to encourage air changeover in the facility.
    • Digital Innovations – We have moved all meetings to virtual platforms using current technology. To reduce the exchanging of paperwork we have established new protocols to utilize email wherever possible.

    Gary Manufacturing has been in business for over 60 years.  At no time in the past have we faced such challenging times as we have faced in the last few months.  As a manufacturer we have always been acutely aware how important our production staff is to our business.  Now, more than ever we are focused on putting employees first on the priority list and are exceedingly grateful that we can weather another storm. Thank you to all our customers who have supported us during this difficult time, we are here for you and growing stronger every day.


  10. Clear Curtains to Maintain Safety

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    clear plastic safety curtainsDuring the COVID pandemic many industries have been hit hard, none more so than the restaurant industry. With restrictions easing slowly across the globe, many businesses are discovering new ways to operate safely for both their customers and their employees.

    Social distancing, restructured floor plans, and masks are some of the policies set in place for restaurants that have reopened. Offering seating surrounded by a clear anti-bacterial vinyl shower curtain has proven effective in several establishments. Clear Curtains as part of your safety guidelines will give your customers an engineered physical barrier of protection while still maintaining an open and welcoming feel.

    At Gary Manufacturing in San Diego, CA, we have been making clear vinyl curtains for over 60 years. We offer custom sizes including extra-wide and extra-long curtains. Customization includes constructing curtains with grommet holes, buttonholes, Velcro or snaps so you have many options for installing.

    For a quick fix, we suggest sticking Velcro to the ceiling or wall and then ordering curtains with Velcro sewn on as the header. Call or email us today to discuss your facilities lay-out. We can help you design a solution that gets your customers back in the door safely.

    800-775-0804 or sales@garymanufacturing.com