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  1. Nylon vs. Vinyl

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    When selecting materials for various applications, nylon and vinyl are often compared due to their unique properties and characteristics. Both are widely used in different industries but have differences that make them suitable for specific purposes.

    Here’s a comprehensive comparison of nylon and vinyl in terms of their properties and applications:

    Feature 1: Strength and Durability

    Nylon is known for its high tensile strength and toughness. Thus, it can withstand heavy loads, impacts, and harsh environmental conditions without losing structural integrity. On the other hand, vinyl is relatively softer and less durable.

    Feature 2: Flexibility

    Vinyl is known for its flexibility and ease of processing. It is suitable for applications requiring softness and pliability because it can be easily molded and shaped into various forms. Meanwhile, nylon is relatively less pliable. Therefore, additional processing or additives may be required to achieve the desired flexibility for certain applications.

    Feature 3: Moisture Resistance

    Nylon is highly moisture resistant, making it ideal for applications where moisture or humidity is a concern. In addition, it is durable and does not degrade easily when exposed to prolonged moisture, making it suitable for outdoor or high-humidity environments. Vinyl offers full water resistance either inside or outside of the vinyl application.

    Feature 4: UV Resistance

    Nylon is recognized for its impressive UV resistance, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications. It can endure the effects of UV radiation without deteriorating. Conversely, vinyl may weaken or lose its properties when exposed to extended periods of sunlight.

    Feature 5: Chemical Resistance

    Nylon is chemically resistant and suitable for applications with expected exposure to solvents, oils, and chemicals. It is ideal for industrial, automotive, and consumer goods. On the other hand, vinyl may lack the same level of chemical resistance, making it prone to damage or degradation in certain chemical environments.

    Feature 6: Cost

    Due to higher production costs and specialized processing, nylon is typically pricier than vinyl. However, its strength, durability, and unique properties can offset the cost in performance-driven applications. Meanwhile, vinyl is generally more affordable due to simpler processing and lower production costs.

    Feature 7: Applications

    The choice of materials in different applications is vital as it directly impacts the end product’s performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness. For example, the selection of either nylon or vinyl can significantly affect the functionality and success of the final product in its intended use.

    Here are the common application of nylons:

    • Automotive parts: engine covers, fuel lines, gears, bearings
    • Industrial components: conveyor belts, gears, rollers, seals
    • Consumer goods: sports equipment, zippers, toothbrush bristles, tool/appliance handles
    • Outdoor gear: backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, ropes
    • Textile industry: stockings, pantyhose, apparel, carpet fibers
    • Medical devices: catheters, surgical sutures, prosthetics
    • Sports and recreation: fishing lines, tennis strings, kayak hulls
    • Aerospace: aircraft components, such as bearings, gears, and structural parts
    • Electronics: connectors, housings, insulators

    Meanwhile, vinyl is most suitable for the following applications:

    • Automotive interiors: dashboards, door panels, seat covers
    • Packaging: blister packs, clamshell packaging, shrink wrap, indoor wire rack covers, printed table covers
    • Signage: banners, decals, stickers
    • Electrical cables: insulation, sheathing
    • Flooring: vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets, vinyl planks for residential and commercial flooring
    • Medical and healthcare: IV tubing, medical bags, gloves, tubing for oxygen masks, drop on dust covers, shower and cubicle curtains
    • Upholstery: furniture upholstery, automotive upholstery
    • Toys and novelties: dolls, action figures, inflatable toys, chair caps
    • Marine: boat seating, marine flooring, boat covers

    Gary Manufacturing: Your Reliable Provider of Vinyl, Nylon, and Fabric Products

    Looking for top-quality vinyl, nylon, and fabric products? At Gary Manufacturing, excellence in manufacturing and generations of quality meet! With over 60 years of experience, our commitment to exceptional customer service, unbeatable production standards, and multi-generational employee support are unmatched. Moreover, all our products are proudly made in the USA, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

    Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and experience working with a trusted industry leader.

  2. Specialty Materials from Gary Manufacturing help you stay ahead of fire and health compliances.

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    Currently, the U.S. doesn’t have nationwide compliance codes in place governing the requirements for curtains and draperies in existing facilities. However, fabric for shower and privacy curtains in newly erected buildings like hotels and healthcare facilities must adhere to certain fire and antimicrobial standards. Read on to learn more about fire retardant, static-reducing, and antimicrobial shower curtains that enhance safety in your facility.

    Fire Retardant & Antimicrobial Curtains for Hotels, Hospitals, & Mental Institutions

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    Applications for privacy and shower curtains in healthcare settings and hotels tend to be more demanding than residential ones, requiring rugged fabric for optimal durability, sanitation, and fire and static resistance. Beyond looking nice in a room, these curtains should not interfere with patient treatment and should promote a safe and sterile environment for workers, patients, and guests.

    Gary Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in fire-resistant and antimicrobial hospital curtains, hotel curtains, and other industrial curtains made of Sure-Chek, an NFPA 701-compliant material that is vinyl-certified as flame retardant. Sure-Chek also meets REACH, Prop 65, RoHS, non-P, and other related standards. Our company is the only West Coast manufacturer to create products such as shower curtains and rack or cart covers with this material.

    As an alternative to vinyl Sure-Chek, Gary Manufacturing also offers Shower Shield, a fabric ideal for cruise ships, hotels, and more. It’s a fully washable polyester material with an antimicrobial finish and flame-retardant certification.

    Benefits of Sure-Chek Shower & Cubicle Curtains

    Sure-Chek shower and cubicle curtains check all the boxes for safety, sanitation, and convenience. These curtains are:

    • Durable. Sure-Chek fire retardant shower curtains and cubicle curtains can withstand excessive use and washing for a long-lasting, wear- and tear-resistant drapery solution.
    • Flame resistant. As an NFPA 701-complaint material, Sure-Chek is resistant to combustion, and once the fire source is eliminated, it will self-extinguish.
    • Antimicrobial. The advanced controlled release system in Sure-Chek fabrics sends antimicrobial agents to its surface to support a sterile environment.
    • Odor resistant. Sure-Chek is specially treated to resist odor-causing bacteria.
    • Stain resistant. Curtains in hotels and hospitals must be clean—and they must look clean for the peace of mind of guests and patients. Sure-Chek resists stains as most grease, oils, and other contaminants will come off by applying soap and water.
    • Antistatic. “Anstat,” an antistatic property within the formulation of the Sure-Chek fabric, prevents electrostatic build-up that could disrupt sensitive medical equipment.
    • Economical. As Sure-Chek curtains are long-lasting and require minimal care, using them will reduce your curtain replacement costs and save on labor costs associated with washing, disinfecting, and repairing or replacing your curtains.
    • Decorative. Sure-Chek curtains are available in 72″ and several color options with a linen finish for a contemporary look, including white, clear, dune, seafoam, seagrass, pewter, and black.

    Fire Retardant Shower Curtains & More From Gary Manufacturing

    Since 1958, Gary Manufacturing has been proudly producing high-quality curtains and custom covers in the United States for diverse customers, including healthcare and medical clients like Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, the Chamberlin Group, Anatomage, Roche, Columbia Medical, Cook Medical, and Harvard Medical. We are committed to providing socially responsible products and utilizing advanced technologies to expand our global production capabilities.
    Our team understands the stringent requirements in medical and hospitality settings, and we’re proud to create effective solutions that meet those standards. As a part of the plastics and textiles industry, we offer a variety of material options for your convenience, including nylon, vinyl, polyester and polyester blends, and numerous specialty fabrics. Contact us to learn more about the capabilities of Sure-Chek and Shower Shield fabrics, or request a quote to begin your curtain project today.

  3. Barrier Curtains: Our New Normal

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    As COVID-19 shut down many businesses across the globe, all sectors were forced to adapt and develop systems to safely open when they were able. One modification that has allowed businesses to safely serve their customers is using vinyl curtains, often clear, to serve as a physical barrier.  As a leader in USAmade curtain manufacturing, Gary Manufacturing has become a go-to source for innovative ways to produce clear vinyl curtains that may be hung in a variety of settings.

    Restaurants, schools, and business settings use our clear barrier curtains to divide spaces and restrict the transmission of virus containing respiratory droplets and particles. Utilizing these curtains adds a measure of safety for both patrons and staff. A large clear vinyl barrier curtain allows any space to be divided enough to provide safety while also allowing visibility. Our 6-gauge crystal clear vinyl makes for an inexpensive solution to many businesses facing closure if they cannot find ways to adjust during this time.

    Hospitals and institutional settings use our opaque barrier curtains to provide privacy between patients, allowing them to feel safe and comfortable. Our Sure-Chek Linen by Herculite is the perfect material for this as it already offers antibacterial and antimicrobial protection. Gary Manufacturing stocks six colors of the Sure-Chek Linen allowing for coordination with any color scheme.

    Barrier curtains are being used in a variety of industries; however, these businesses still need meet building codes for safety. Our vinyl curtains are inherently fire retardant, making them an excellent choice for safe reopening.

    Other locations prefer to offer fabric instead of vinyl.  Gary Manufacturing also offers multiple fabrics that will fit your needs: 210 Denier Nylon, Poplin, and Premier fabrics are excellent choices to create physical barriers and come in a variety of colors.

    Now as the COVID vaccine becomes more available, many states are scaling back their lockdown restrictions. More businesses are opening their doors and need to find products to help them create safe spaces while still meeting local and federal safety regulations. Gary Manufacturing barrier curtains are the perfect solution to keep everyone safe and assist with the reopening of many businesses starting their new normal.

    Call us at 1-800-775-0804 or email sales@garymanufacturing.com for a free quote today!


  4. PREA: Shower Curtains for Compliance and Prevention

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    [Trigger Warning: Mention of Rape]

    Gary Manufacturing is always looking for ways to innovate products of all types across many industries. For many years we have produced shower curtains for the Department of Corrections that gives institutions another tool to protect those in their care from a deeply troubling yet commonly occurring issue.

    The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was passed by Congress to “provide for the analysis of the incidence and effects of prison rape in federal, state, and local institutions and to provide information, resources, recommendations and funding to protect individuals from prison rape.” (Prison Rape Elimination Act, 2003.)

    For a shower curtain to meet PREA standards it needs to allow staff to see what is happening in each shower stall, while still offering the inmate their privacy. Gary Manufacturing offers many different solutions to our institutional customers to meet PREA regulations.

    Clear vinyl windows are an unmatched solution for many facilities that need to meet PREA standards. The benefits of clear vinyl windows when pairing them with a solid vinyl means you can offer the inmate privacy in the shower while still allowing the staff to see what is happening above the shoulder and below the knee. This greatly reduces the opportunity for any dangerous activity.

    Many institutions pair the clear vinyl window and solid vinyl with a mesh heading. Our mesh meets the standard of allowing the staff to see what is happening above the shoulder with the additional benefit of allowing air to circulate and steam to escape.

    At Gary Manufacturing we offer a standard window sizing of 17 inches but can customize to meet the needs of each shower room configuration.

    While not necessary for PREA, many institutions also need to meet breakaway regulations so the inmate cannot hurt themselves. Gary Manufacturing provides two different solutions to meet this need: Fold-over and Velcro.

    Our fold-over breakaway shower curtains are constructed to fold over the curtain rod and attach to themselves using either snaps or, more commonly, Velcro. This solution allows for durable strength but will still give way if heavy force is used and eliminates the need for metal grommets and hooks.

    Our Velcro breakaway shower curtains are simpler in that there is a strip of Velcro along the top of the shower curtain that would attach to a system the facility has in place or directly to the wall or ceiling. We also offer Velcro slider tabs that will insert into a track system. This solution is the most popular among many facilities as it offers a quick release of the curtain should the need arise.

    Gary Manufacturing is proud to be part of the community that uses our resources to help offer solutions for these avoidable tragedies. We offer high-quality products with low minimums. Our quick turnaround time can get your institution outfitted with shower curtains meeting PREA standards in less than a month.

    Call us at 1-800-775-0804 or email sales@garymanufacturing.com for a free quote today!

    For more information on PREA check out the National PREA Resource Center at https://www.prearesourcecenter.org/



  5. Custom Nylon Bags; Made in America

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    Gary Manufacturing produces custom sales rep and promotional bags for corporations, professionals, and individuals alike.  We produce high-quality nylon bags using advanced technology and equipment.  With low minimum order quantities and quick turn-around times, we will exceed your expectations with durable, fully customizable bags that fit your needs!

    Located in Southern California, we proudly offer 100% American-made products with competitive pricing.  Gary Manufacturing is your one-stop source for all non-consumer, industrial, custom bags.

    Our development process is easy and fun.  We design and sew in-house, with most orders being completed in just weeks.  We listen to your needs and request and then discuss the best options available.

    Your logo can be added to any of our products using UV-direct print, silk-screen, or high-end embroidery.  The result is a long-lasting product designed specifically for you!


    We can replicate your sample or offer prototype development.  Your bag can be made with an array of options making it perfect for your individual use.  Whether used daily, on the job or part of a marketing campaign we believe you should not have to compromise by using a poorly designed off-the-shelf bag.

    Customizable Options:

    • Clear Windows, Pockets, or Compartments for Literature and Storage
    • Removable Padded Inserts or Dividers
    • Carry Handles or Shoulder Straps
    • 2 or 3-Way Zips
    • Reinforced Webbing for Heavy-Duty Bags
    • D-Rings, Swivel Hooks, Grommets, or Snaps
    • Buckles, Cord Locks, Velcro Straps
    • Top-Stitch Detail, Binding, or Special Seams

    Nylon polyester is a limitless material.  It is lightweight, durable, and flexible, making it an excellent choice for custom bags.  Gary Manufacturing offers several types of nylon to meet your specific requirements.

    • 200 Denier Nylon Oxford: Soft nylon, commonly used as an inner lining or soft-sided promotional bag.
    • 400 Denier Nylon Pack-Cloth: Medium-weight nylon, well suited for custom bags and passes RoHS compliances.
    • 600/300 Denier Nylon: Ideal for outer shell, PVC-coated for extra-durability.
    • 1000 Denier Nylon: Heavy-duty and extremely tough. Perfect for bags that need to stand up to heavy-duty use.

    Nylon Features:

    • 100% Polyester
    • Flame Resistant and CPSIA Compliant
    • Water repellent
    • Stain and Odor Resistant
    • Variety of colors available
    • Accepts Embroidery, UV Direct, and Silkscreen Print
    • Commercial-grade materials

    Custom bags are not just for sales reps.  We have created custom bags for a variety of applications including:

    • Sample or Bags
    • Corporate Promotional Giveaways
    • Shoulder Bags, Hip-Bags, and Backpacks
    • Transportation Bags
    • Electronic Protection Bags
    • Soft Cases
    • Roll-up Tool Pouches and Cases

    Our aim is your complete satisfaction.  Consider us your personal resource to help achieve your business and project goals.

    Call us at 1-800-775-0804 or email sales@garymanufacturing.com for a free quote today!

  6. Frequently Asked Questions – Custom Covers and Bags

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    Eyesys Cover

    Gary Manufacturing supplies a variety of custom bags and covers. Customers range in size from small businesses and startups to large hospitality, medical, and commercial corporations.

    Our custom covers and bags are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Gary Manufacturing is known for our consistent quality, fast-turnaround, and excellent customer service.


    Q: What are your capabilities?

    A: We produce a variety of non-consumer, industrial-type products, including custom drop-on dust covers and padded bags to fit your exact specifications.

    Q: Do you offer prototype development?

    A: Yes, our production and administrative team can assist in developing prototypes.

    Q: Can you reproduce a cover or bag I already have?

    A: Yes, by providing a sample unit, the manufacturing process is more precise with shorter lead-times.

     Q: What materials do you offer?

    A: We stock a variety of colors in our most popular nylon and vinyl materials, as well as specialty fabrics to meet your needs.

    Q: Can I supply my own materials?

    A: No, we work with our stock materials only.  We do not accept customer-supplied materials.

    Q: Do you offer RoHS3, REACH or Prop 65 compliant materials?

    A: Yes, several of our stock materials meet these criteria.

    Q: Do you have MOQs?

    A: Yes, depending on the custom item, minimums can be from 12-48 units.

    Q: What is your process for production?

    A: Our standard process is to create a sample unit and then produce a full order once the fit is approved.

    Q: How long does it take to produce a sample unit?

    A: Sample units take about 5-10 working days for production.

    Q: How long does it take for a production run?

    A: Production runs take about 4-6 weeks; add 2 more for logo branding.

    Q: Do you offer logo branding?

    A: Yes, we offer Embroidery, Silk-Screen Printing, or UV Direct Printing.

    Q: What are your artwork file requirements?

    A: Art files must be submitted in vector format with size and colors specified.

    Q: Do you retain patterns and art files for future orders?

    A: Yes, all files are kept secure at our factory in National City.

    Q: Do you have stock of pre-made covers or bags?

    A: No, all custom projects are made-to-order.


    Call us at 1-800-775-0804 or email sales@garymanufacturing.com for a free quote today!

  7. Shower Curtains that Perform for Behavioral Health Facilities

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    Gary Manufacturing understands that the needs for suitable shower curtains in behavioral health centers are varied. Privacy, safety, and durability are among the top needs noted for this specialty setting. Gary Manufacturing offers many different options to meet these needs. A combination of our Sure-Chek Linen vinyl, breathable mesh, and breakaway options fulfill many of these needs and allow us to make the perfect solution for all facilities.

    One of our customers, a behavioral health center in the United States, contacted us earlier this year with a specific set of needs. After a brief discussion of their specific needs, we were able to come up with the perfect solution for them.

    The first requirement this facility had was that it needs a material that is anti-microbial to limit bacteria transmission from person to person. We offered Sure-Chek Linen, a material that has a controlled release system that continually sends the antimicrobial agent to the fabric surface. This built-in protection lasts the life of the fabric and is a perfect solution to this requirement.

    Another important requirement for a behavioral center is a shower curtain that is flame resistant. Sure-Chek® fabrics are NFPA 701 certified to resist combustion and will self-extinguish when the source of flame is removed.

    Heavy use areas in behavioral centers, prisons, hospitals, schools, and gyms need a durable solution to make sure the shower curtains can handle excessive use. Sure-Chek® fabrics are incredibly strong, withstanding severe wear and use. Extra strength and tear resistance mean extended curtain life, ensuring a cost-effective solution for such an industrial setting.

    In behavioral centers, the safety of the patient is of the utmost importance. Using our breakaway Velcro or snap options, patients are unable to harm themselves. This extra protection offers peace of mind to the facilitators as well as meets anti-ligature requirements. Mesh fabric at the top of shower curtains allows the staff to see what the patient is doing while maintaining privacy for the patient. The combination of our mesh fabric and windows allow us to meet PREA requirements many facilities have in place.

    Millions of people in the United States are in a facility where they are cared for by staff. Our custom shower curtains are made with patient safety as the number one priority. Our Sure-Chek Linen, mesh option, and breakaway headers make for a winning solution to a variety of concerns. We can help!

    Call us at 1-800-775-0804 or email sales@garymanufacturing.com for a free quote today!

  8. Surviving 2020; Being an Essential Business During a Global Pandemic

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    “There were times when we didn’t know if we were going to be able to weather this, but it has been interesting to see the business flex and shift where we need to, to keep ourselves viable.” – Andrea Beagle, Office Manager.

    2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, Gary Manufacturing included. Learning that we are among a few lucky businesses’s considered to be essential, Gary Manufacturing is navigating the COVID waters and striving to come out on the other side with strengths we didn’t know we had prior to this year.

    March 19, 2020, was the day California Governor Newsom announced a state-wide shutdown, restricting all non-essential businesses to close in an attempt to fight the rapid growth of COVID-19. That evening the management staff had to make phone calls to all employees that the company would remain closed for an unforeseen amount of time.

    After being closed for one business day, several key essential customers requested that we stay open as we were one of their essential suppliers. The team at Gary was thrilled to be considered an essential business. Being able to bring employees back to work immediately was a great source of pride for us, however, it felt risky not knowing what was coming next.

    First order of business was safety. Shifting from a close-knit group to a more individualized setting was a hard, but necessary change for the Gary staff to make. In addition to splitting lunch and break shifts, we created clear barriers and socially distanced workstations. Daily temperature and welfare checks were implemented in the mornings before reporting to work.

    There have been many difficulties along the way but maintaining employee safety has been the main priority. Not all employees felt comfortable returning to work right away. Temporary workers were hired and trained. Extra communication with customers was needed to be able to produce essential products in a timely manner. Gary Manufacturing has been building strong relationships with both clients and vendors for many years. During this time, we have relied heavily on those relationships to see us through.

    From a Human Resources point of view, navigating constant changes in regulations and staying compliant has been one of the hardest parts of the year. At the start of the pandemic, no one really knew what was going to happen. Federal guidelines have changed many times, keeping up with that no easy task, but as an essential business, it was now our job to make sure we could safely remain open.

    Even though it has been a struggle, there have been many positives for the business. Gary Manufacturing has learned that it was more adaptable than we ever knew. Being able to end the year with the doors open and to provide a stable job for her employees has been Kerri Smith’s, General Manager, proudest accomplishment of 2020.

    Gary has been able to adapt both internally with staff and externally in their product offerings. Utilizing technology for virtual meetings, working from home when possible, and reducing contact with others on-site has been imperative to stay safe.

    Gary Manufacturing evolved our shower curtain line to include barrier curtains for pop-up hospitals, restaurants, or anywhere that needs to offer protective barriers between people.

    Since learning of its essentiality, Gary Manufacturing is looking forward to continuing growth in these essential sectors of the economy:

    • Medical
    • Technology
    • Transportation          
    • Communication
    • Sanitation
    • Construction

    Gary Manufacturing recognizes that very few businesses have been lucky enough to remain open during COVID and is thankful for the continued support of our customers and the hard work of the staff. We look forward to continuing to bring quality products and superior customer service in 2021 and beyond.

  9. Frequently Asked Questions – Shower Curtains

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    Gary Manufacturing supplies a variety of vinyl and fabric shower curtains. Industries we supply are; gyms, prisons, corporate facilities, hospitals, colleges, and cruise ships.

    Our curtains are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Gary Manufacturing is known for our consistent quality, fast-turnaround, and excellent customer service.


    Q: Do you have a standard size?

    A: We offer standard sizes to fit basic needs. We specialize in extra-long and extra-wide shower curtains.

    Standard sizes can include:









    Q: How do you hang the shower curtains?

    A: Our shower curtains come with grommets or buttonholes to fit standard shower curtain rings or hooks. We also offer various headers, including Velcro to attached to ceiling or wall and rod pockets or fold over when bars are in use, but hooks are not allowed.

    Q: Do your shower curtains come with hooks?

    A: Our shower curtains do not come with hooks, but we do offer standard metal shower curtain rings for an additional charge.

    Q: What materials do you offer?

    A: We offer a variety of vinyls and fabrics to fit your needs. Please contact us with your need and we will recommend the best solution for you. Our most popular vinyls are the Sure-Chek Linen vinyl from Herculite and our 10g Pebble. Our most popular fabric is the Shower Shield.

    Q: Do you offer printed shower curtains?

    A: We may be able to print your logo or design on our curtains. Please call to discuss the project and minimums. https://www.garymanufacturing.com/request-for-quote/

    Q: Are your shower curtains washable?

    A: Our fabric shower curtains are machine washable; our vinyl shower curtains are recommended to wipe down with warm, soapy water.

    Q: Do you offer breakaway shower curtains?

    A: We offer two different breakaway options. We can make your curtains with a Velcro strip along the top to attach to a system you have in place. Our second option is a fold-over option that will fold the curtain over your rod and attach to itself with Velcro or snaps.

    Q: Are your shower curtains certified?

    A: We have various materials that will meet your certification needs.

    We have options for the following:

    • Prop 65
    • NFPA 701
    • Flame Resistant
    • Stain Resistant
    • Antistatic
    • Odor Resistant
    • Antimicrobial/Anti-bacterial
    • Breathable

    We are also able to meet construction requirements for:

    • PREA
    • Anti-Ligature
    • Breakaway
    • See Through

    Q: What customization do you offer?

    A: Customization is available depending on the requirements of the application. Clients may request the addition of hospital mesh, clear windows, or weights and magnets to meet regulatory standards.

    Q: Are your shower curtains American made?

    A: Our shower curtains are produced out of our factory in National City, California.

  10. GaryWear; Distributor Highlight

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    During the last 60 years, Gary Manufacturing has built relationships with distributors across the United States, as well as internationally. All of our distributors offer a variety of quality, reusable products to meet your incontinence needs. With distributors in 10 different states as well as England, Germany, and Australia we are confident you can find a distributor to assist you with purchasing from our GaryWear product line. Here we have highlighted two of their stories.

    Since 1997 LL Medico has been distributing the full GaryWear product line, making them one of our longest-standing distributors for incontinence products. Heather and Alex have been a part of the family business since the company was created 25 years ago. The company started in Pennsylvania with all reusable products but steadily began including disposable products due to customer demand. Heather and Alex are proud that the company has been able to stay a family-owned business and appreciate the opportunity to assist customers and answer questions. For a full list of LL Medico’s product offering visit their site: www.llmedico.com

    Protex Medical in Texas has been a distributor of GaryWear products since early 2002. They began as a small company selling vinyl and rubber diaper covers in 1994. Over the years the company steadily expanded to include the entire GaryWear line, as well as disposable diapers, mattress pads, training pants, and diaper pins. Matt and Allison purchased Protex just over a year ago when the original owner was ready to retire. Matt had spent years working with Protex developing their website and during this time he built an affinity for the business. Matt and Allison are happy to help customers and answer their questions. For a full list of Protex Medical’s product offerings visit their site: www.myprotex.com

    At Gary Manufacturing, we are always looking for qualified distributors to partner with. If you are interested in becoming a distributor at Gary Manufacturing, we ask that you follow a couple of easy steps:

    • Email us at sales@garymanufacturing.com and tell us a little about your company
    • Review Distributor Requirements
    • Fill out our Distributor Application

    At Gary, we vet all requests to partner to make sure the potential distributor is qualified and able to meet the needs of the end-user.

    Our distributors are all qualified to care for customers and answer all their questions.

    To find the distributor near you please access our full list here: https://www.garymanufacturing.com/our-distributors/