This might be the most useless information in the history of the web, but today I want to address a question related to Washer and Dryer Covers that we get ALL THE TIME.

The situation goes something like this: a person has run out of room at their house, or they just moved to a smaller place, and their washer and dryer no longer fit inside, so they have to put them outside. Naturally, to protect their appliances, they want to put a cover on them.

First, let me say, the best place to put your washer or dryer is under an overhang, or someplace they will get a little protection. Both the rain and the sun are very damaging! If you do not have an overhang, consider getting a big tarp, or an umbrella because you really need to protect them.

So here’s what people ask us: do you have a completely waterproof cover? First, the only fabric that is waterproof, and will withstand baking in the sun is Sunbrella which was developed for the marine industry. Due to its properties, it’s incredibly expensive. (If we thought there was a market for $100 covers, we’d probably develop them. If you would pay this, please let us know, and we will.) Second, because covers are stitched, there are tiny holes in the seams, so nothing is going to be waterproof, unless there is a type of lining within the seam.

But, because people need a reasonable solution at a reasonable price, what we recommend is our Cotton Duck Washing Machine cover. Cotton duck fabric is thick, and absorbent. This means when the morning dew arrives, and your appliance gets wet, the cotton fiber will naturally absorb the moisture, drawing it away from the metal. This is a good thing! Plastic, on the other hand, will not absorb the moisture, and will actually keep the condensation on the appliance longer, making it harder for the appliance to dry. Further, in a heavy downpour, or snow, neither plastic nor duck is going to do any good. (This is why you need the umbrella, or the big tarp!)

But, despite our dislike for plastic washer dryer covers, we do make them, HOWEVER, we recommend them as dust covers only, for situations where people have their washing machines in a garage, or laundry room. We do not recommend them for outdoor use because they will not protect against the dew.

So, evaluate whether you are putting them outside, or just in another room, and whether you need dew protection (cotton duck fabric!) or just dust protection (plastic ok). And, although our covers are good, an umbrella and/or a tarp over the whole thing, is even better!

Ok, maybe this wasn’t so useless after all, especially if it solved your problem.

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