Dear Customers and Suppliers,

Many states including California where our business operations are located (San Diego) have implemented mandatory “shelter in place” orders allowing only “essential businesses” to operate until further notice.

Per the criteria of “essential business”, Gary Manufacturing qualifies as it supports supply chains through the manufacturing of goods in many industries deemed essential by the Department of Homeland Security. This includes but is not limited to food manufacturing, medical and sanitation equipment, pharmaceutical, agricultural equipment and national defense (military).

Our intention is to maintain operations that will enable us to fulfill the needs of our critical supply chain partners during the crisis and make necessary communications as required to our local governments to ensure exempt status from any shelter in place requirements.

Our number one priority is the safety of our employees and the safety of the communities in which we operate. We will continue to focus on doing everything as safely as possible while maintaining operational continuity and minimize disruptions for our customers and suppliers.

Customers: We are asking that if your business is shutting down and therefore unable to accept deliveries please notify us so we can hold shipments until you are ready to receive.

Suppliers: If you have not already done so please advise us regarding your business continuity status during this crisis.


Kerri Smith

General Manager