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Gary Table Covers: How to Clean and Disinfect

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Gary Manufacturing has been offering custom vinyl table covers and fabric tablecloths for over 30 years. Here is a guide on how to clean and disinfect your covers based on what material you have ordered.  These instructions will help extend the life of your cover ensuring your space always looks and feels inviting and clean.

Vinyl Table Covers

We use quality vinyl’s that withstand heavy use. Your table cover is likely made from one of the following materials; Supreme, Titan, and Concept.  They are vinyl topped materials with a flannel or knit backing.

To remove ordinary dirt and smudges, use mild soap and warm water (non-abrasive cleaners only; 409 is good. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is recommended).  Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or towel.

Many stains can be removed with the following steps:

  • Use non-abrasive household cleaners such as Formula 409 or Fantastik with water and a soft cloth.
  • Use a solvent-type cleaner such as rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) liberally applied with a soft cloth. Dry area with another cloth, rinse with clean water and dry.
  • Use a small amount of strong active solvent cleaners such as nail polish remover (acetone/water) applied with a soft cloth.  The stain should be removed with six rubs.  If stain persists after 6 rubs, the stain has probably set, and may not be capable of being removed.  Please be aware that this method may damage the finish on your table cover.  We do not recommend using such harsh manners of cleaning our covers.

Fabric Tablecloths

We offer 2 choice materials for tablecloths, Premier and Poplin. Both are 100% polyester and stain-resistant.

Premier – Our premier fabric is spun polyester with a “cotton-like look and feel”.

Poplin – Our poplin fabric is a lightweight poly with a sheen.

For laundering purposes:

  • Wash in cold water
  • Tumble dry low, remove promptly
  • Use a cool iron for wrinkles

Custom Printed Military Table Covers

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Conveniently located in San Diego, near several military bases, Gary Manufacturing is proud to work with our military offering table and chair covers for Officer and Enlisted Mess Halls.

Each cover is custom, made to your exact specifications.

We offer heavy-duty, knit or flannel backed vinyl table covers in a variety of colors for fitted or drape styles.  These covers can be easily wiped clean to ensure a germ-free eating environment and protect the longevity of the table underneath.

Add your Logo…

Unlike silkscreen printing of the past, we offer UV direct digital print. Add your command or battalion crest using the ultraviolet, direct print method.  This prints directly onto the cover, using light to cure the ink instantly, leaving a vivid, long-lasting impression of your command for many years to come.


What we need to get started…


Cover Style – Fitted or drape

Length of drop, 4-8 inches

Length x Width measurement of table-top

Material choice and color

Titan (leather-like)

Supreme (suede-like)

Camera ready art – Sized and Colored in Vector Format

Call us today for a free swatch  samples and a quote!